Bernie Bros Are EXPOSING Joe Biden’s Mental Health Decline

( – Everyone knows how nasty the Bernie Bros can be…and that’s just to their own side! Bernie Sanders’ supporters are stepping up their campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden now that the socialist Vermont senator has lost his spot at the top of the race to become Democratic nominee.

Breitbart reports that several high-profile Democratic activists and Bernie Sanders supporters are lining up to question Joe Biden’s mental capacity, as well as the Democratic Party’s refusal to even acknowledge it as a problem.

Tweeting on Thursday, author and left-wing economist Matthew Stoller said that Democratic insiders “know Biden has cognitive decline issue.”

He then suggested that they don’t just know about it, but they joke about it and they don’t seem to care.

Stoller was joined by left-wing activist Glenn Greenwald who said the Dems were just pretending it isn’t true and hoping it goes away.

Greenwald’s comment came in response to a tweet from somebody who claims to have seen Biden, the previous day, walk into the room “like he had stumbled out of his hospital bed in a nightgown.”

“He’s declining and it’s sad,” they said.

Bernie Sanders supporter Michael Tracey also tweeted that the media had done a “very poor job informing voters that Joe Biden is exhibiting obvious signs of rapid cognitive decline.”

The controversy surrounding Biden’s mental health is important as it could mean his vice presidential pick is more important than ever. Should Biden become unfit to lead the country a year or two into his presidency, the vice president will need to pick up the slack.