Biden Brings Harvey Weinstein’s PR Guy A Role At White House

(AmericanPoliticalDaily)- Democrats are so confident that the media will forgive them for virtually any controversy these days that “President-elect” Joe Biden, has reportedly appointed Harvey Weinstein’s PR guy to the White House.

Anita Dunn, a high-ranking member of the Biden 2020 presidential campaign and former PR guru for disgraced Hollywood producer and sex offender Harvey Weinstein, will be a senior adviser to the president after January 20.

Dunn is another Obama-era hire for Biden, too, having served previously as White House Communications Director under the controversial former Democratic president and also as a chief strategist.

It’s yet another signal that the Biden administration will be a reversal from Trump-era policies to Obama-era policies…which is precisely what led to President Trump being elected in the first place.

“Anita Dunn brings decades of experience managing and winning political and advocacy campaigns and advising our nation’s leaders at the highest levels of government,” Biden’s transition team announced in a statement.

Reporter David Dyen published the statement on Twitter, reminding followers that Dunn was a confidant of Harvey Weinstein.

Podcast host Katie Halper also reminded her followers that Dunn was “paid to exonerate a rapist.”

“She is cracking that glass ceiling,” Halper joked.

Dunn will have a great deal of influence over the Biden administration, helping craft policy and messaging on issues foreign and domestic. In 2017, she famously helped Weinstein manage a scandal that saw his previous sexual abuse of young women exposed. Dunn has been widely accused of trying to silence victims of Weinstein, helping the disgraced Hollywood mogul pro bono after a mutual friend asked her to get involved.

A woman who willingly helped Weinstein, pro bono, is joining the Biden administration.

Do the Democrats have no shame?