Big Tech Giant Facebook Bans Advertising Pro-America Products Online

(AmericanPoliticalDaily)- You’ve probably heard about Big Tech silencing President Donald Trump on social media, but did you know they are clamping down on small businesses too?

A report from The Blaze revealed how the owner of a patriotic merchandise store, PatrioticMe, has been permanently banned from advertising products on the hugely popular social media platform.

Facebook told owner LeeAnne Miller that her products, which display patriotic American imagery, violate communist standards…but the social media giant has still not specified which community standards have been violated.

Miller has repeatedly asked for an explanation from Facebook if only to find out why or to help decide which products must be removed, but the social media giant has repeatedly refused to offer any answers.

Miller is a 50-year-old wife, mother, and business owner, The Blaze explains. She opened her business in 2019 after her son went to college. She founded PatrioticMe to sell patriotic merchandise, including tee shirts, flags, and hoodies.

“It took about a year to get things exactly the way I wanted them, the products and the website,” she said in an interview. The hugely popular shirts feature American flags and other symbols popular with patriots…Democrat and Republican alike. Every sale provides a donation to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, an organization established in memory of NYC firefighter Stephen Siller who died responding to the 9/11 attacks.

And while Miller specifically chose “not to be partisan, at all,” Facebook still decided to shut her down amid a massive purge of conservative voices.

The day after the 2020 presidential election, Miller began advertising her products on Facebook in collaboration with business development company Qwantify. Her ad told potential buyers that people shouldn’t be ashamed to show their patriotism, stating, “Loving your country shouldn’t be hidden. Check out our new line of long sleeve shirts!”

This went against Facebook’s community standards. On November 4, she then received an email from the Facebook Advertisements Team.

“It appears your ad account was used to create one or more ads that don’t comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards,” the email said. “Our policies and standards help keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone. We use either technology or a review team to remove anything that doesn’t comply with our policies or standards as quickly as possible.”

Miller says she believed the email was an error and immediately contacted Facebook requesting clarification, but was told that her newly-restriction ad account would not be re-enabled.

Facebook cut off 94% of PatrioticMe’s traffic, potentially crippling a small company and denying charity of a portion of each sale.

You can read the full report over at The Blaze if you want to find out more about the frustrating experience Miller received. It just goes to show how big this latest anti-conservative crackdown by social media and Big Tech is.