Bipartisan Members of Congress Call for “Aggressive Action” Against Chinese Wet Markets

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- A group of bipartisan lawmakers are calling for “aggressive action” against the Chinese wet markets that are believed to have caused the coronavirus outbreak. In recent days, the communist Chinese government has allowed the dirty markets, where live wild animals are bought and sold, to re-open.

A total of 42 members of the house and 24 Senators have joined together in a unified front against the communist Chinese government, noting the “significant loopholes” that have allowed the markets to continue operating even after they have caused, not just the latest coronavirus outbreak, but a series of other virus outbreaks in the past.

In a letter sent to Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the lawmakers urged the organization to take action to shut the markets down.

“In order to help prevent the next pandemic, we write today to urge your organizations to take aggressive action toward a global shut down of live wildlife markets and a ban on the international trade of live wildlife that is not intended for conservation purposes,” the letter reads.

Wet markets are not like regular markets. You don’t see clean stalls and fresh fruit and vegetables. These are “wet” because they sell live wild animals, including hedgehogs, snakes, bats, and even cats and dogs, with the intention of using the poor animals as good and medicine. In China, it is not uncommon to cook bats whole and serve them in soup, and some horrific videos recently shared online show Chinese market vendors cooking dogs alive.

The markets have long been understood to cause the easy spread of viruses between animals, and later, between animals and humans. Not only is there a huge range of animal diversity in these markets, the conditions are so dirty that bacteria and viruses can transmit very easily.

In the letter, the senators explain how market vendors in China place animals in cages, and stack those cages on top of one another. That means some animals urinated, defecate, and sometimes even salivate and bleed on the animals below them.

In 2003, the SARS viral outbreak is also believed to have come from a wet market in China.

Look what can be done when the Democrats are willing to cooperate with Republicans on matters of great urgency!

“The stress of transport and holding wild animals in these crowded markets where they are also sometimes slaughtered creates an unnatural environment where viruses from different species can come in contact, mutate, and spread from one species to another,” the letter added.