BORIS RECOVERS: UK Prime Minister Leaves Hospital, Recovers from COVID-19

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson left the hospital on Easter Sunday after being admitted 10 days after experiencing initial coronavirus symptoms. Johnson spent one week in hospital spending time in both a regular ward and Intensive Care when his condition worsened.

The Prime Minister was treated at a National Health Service hospital under the country’s universal health system after he quickly began deteriorating. Initially, the Prime Minister was self-isolating in Downing Street and running the British government via web conference, but the Cabinet soon stepped up and led the government under his guidance while he underwent treatment.

Upon leaving the hospital, Johnson left London to stay at his country house and estate, Chequers, where he will rest until he can return to work. The historic property is owned by the British government and given to sitting Prime Ministers as a second reference. It was here that former Prime Minister Theresa May and then-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson famously bickered and argued over plans to leave the European Union.

Looking significantly healthier than he did last week, Johnson issued a statement to the people via Twitter. In the video, Johnson praised the work of NHS staff and called on people to continue pulling together.

“It’s hard to find the words to express my debt to the NHS for saving my life,” he said.

“The efforts of millions of people across this country to stay home are worth it. Together we will overcome this challenge, as we have overcome so many challenges in the past.”

Johnson used the opportunity to also praise the personal courage of the cleaners, cooks, and healthcare workers of all descriptions.

“It is thanks to that courage, that devotion, that duty and that love that our NHS has been unbeatable,” he said.

It is not known when Johnson will return to London, but a 10 Downing Street spokesman said that he left the city under the advice of his medical team.