(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com) – Far-left violence is out of control, and one of the most prominent conservative journalists covering this trend is Andy Ngo.

Ngo has been attacked on multiple occasions by angry Antifa activists, and recently, the co-owner of a brewery in Connecticut used the company’s Twitter account to threaten physical violence against him. The brewing company, Hanging Hills Brewing Company in Hartford, has been forced to walk back the threats and apologize.

WFSB-TV reported that the brewery promises to take swift action after direct messages were sent to Ngo which read:

“Us far left breweries will be sure to throw milkshake (IPAs) at your dumb face should you ever walk into the pub.”

It continued:

“And we’re also going to fight for your healthcare after your report any brain hemorrhages incurred from said injurious liquids.”

The message references a common tactic used by Antifa activists that originated in England during the 2019 European Union election. Anti-Islam campaigner Tommy Robinson, while running an election campaign, was attacked with a milkshake in the street. The action resulted in far-left activists all over the world arming themselves with milkshakes and throwing them at political opponents.

It was also a reference to allegations made against Antifa militant activists in Portland, who are said to have thrown milkshakes that contained quick-drying cement at journalists and protestors, including Ngo.

After the comments were published, the brewery quickly responded with a Facebook post saying that the messages were intended as a…wait for it…joke.

The post read:

“Unfortunately due to poor judgement and without full ownership knowledge, Hanging Hills has engaged in tweets with Andy Ngo that resulted in an expression of violence. The ownership of Hanging Hills strongly disapproves of this political discourse and apologizes directly to Andy Ngo who most certainly did not deserve any expression of ill will. We also apologize to his followers and our customers who were justifiably offended.”

At least there was an apology! The brewery also said that they will take action once they have finished investigating what happened, and they respect everybody and their viewpoints.

No doubt Hanging Hills Brewing Company had seen the extent of the violence committed against Ngo in the past and saw that this kind of behavior is becoming increasingly recognized as dangerous. Far-left activists might claim to stand up for the little man, but their increasingly violent actions and threatening behavior are proving them to be the bullies.

To get an idea of the extent of the violence, and why the threats against Ngo should be considered legitimate, check out the footage of the attack against him in Portland.

8 thoughts on “Brewery Walks Back Violent Threats Against Conservative Journalist”

  1. When will the lunkhead Dem voter realize that Democrat politicians are the problem and not Republicans.
    It is time to stop all income tax and use sales tax instead. In that way the burden is shared by ALL.

  2. Democats are no worse than any republicans. I believe that when the Constitution was written I don’t believe that it was meant to be as a tool to divide the two party’s it was so that they could work together to have both sides willing to be compromise with each other and come up with a solution that would work for all Americans.

  3. Reminder: There were no political parties as they are today when the original framers of the Constitution was put into place. That only came later.
    Reminder: The original framers of the Constitution were all businessmen. And did not have the communication devices of today to watch over their business while they were about founding this country.
    Reminder: What’s the biggest business in the world today. The US Government.
    Reminder: Do many if any of the current politicians have much business experience?
    Reminder: The original founding fathers did not want career politicians. It’s in their biographies.
    Reminder: These United colonies / States were founded on States rights. Federal laws were the parameters to which States could adjust to their people. But Federal law is above the States laws.
    What I’m driving at is that Trump is better suited to take on the biggest business in the world than most people. Politicians would finish at the back of the pack.
    Politicians are tasked to work for the People.
    Most Career Politicians are only concerned with their image and getting campaign donors. The people they represent (or are tasked to) finish well in the back of their minds.
    I’ll take the original framers minds of Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Hamilton over the likes of Bernie, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer.
    The original framers had foresight which is lacking in the career politicians of today.
    This is why Trump is saying drain the swamp.
    Simple solution Term limits for all.

  4. Hanging Hill owner should be arrested for making THREATENED AGAINST ANDY! IF I was Andy I go to police department with my lawyer and file a claim against them. Hanging Hill better hope they got a good lawyer themselves! Can see the door closed and BANKRUPTCY being file!

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