Compromised Eric Swalwell Says Trump Must Be Barred From Running Again

(AmericanPoliticalDaily)- Far-left Representative Eric Swalwell, who is compromised after reportedly having a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy, told “Live” on MSNBC on Monday that he believes President Donald Trump should be banned from ever running for office again.

Can you believe the nerve of these people?

Speaking to Hallie Jackson, Swalwell said he supported efforts by the Democrats to impeach the former president – a move which was voted as unconstitutional by 45 Republicans in the Senate.

Jackson asked Swalwell about the constitutionality of the efforts, which are squarely focused on ensuring that President Trump can’t run again and win.

The Democrat congressman then wrongly claimed that the efforts are constitutional.

“It’s constitutional,” he claimed. “The Senate is steeped in tradition and custom, and I think it would be persuasive to them that they have actually done this before. They have held a trial for somebody who was no longer in office.”

Swalwell confirmed that he was talking about the former Secretary of War, Belknap.

He also claimed that President Trump has “such a disdain for democracy and a disdain for public safety,” without providing evidence for such an extraordinary claim, and said that “we can’t afford as a county to give him a chance to come close to doing this again.”

Doesn’t it just sound like they’re scared that he might be voted back in to clean up Biden’s mess…just like he cleaned up Obama’s?

It’s rich for Swalwell to claim that the former president poses a risk to the United States when an Axios report confirmed in December 2020 that he had a personal relationship with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang, who used the name “Christina Fang.”

Fang is a Chinese national who “targeted up-and-coming local politicians in the Bay Area and across the country who had the potential to make it big on the national stage.” Among those she targeted was Swalwell, who has yet to deny that they had a sexual and romantic relationship.

Fang took part in Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign and Swalwell was directly aware of her campaigning.

Swalwell claimed that he thinks he will be able to persuade the Senate to take the unconstitutional action of convicting President Trump, despite him having left the White House, but the Democrats do not have the numbers they need to do so.

Did somebody say…show trial?