Confused Joe Biden Calls Kamala Harris’s Husband “Kamala’s Wife”

( Joe Biden once again got confused during a rare public appearance on Monday when he gave an interview to a local news station in Dallas. The Democratic presidential nominee, who has previously confused his wife and sister on stage, this time appeared to confuse his vice-presidential pick’s husband…for a wife.

During the NBC 5 DFW interview, Biden responded to a question about his campaign’s efforts in the final week of the campaign.

“Well, we put a major effort into Texas to begin with, eight days to go uh and uh the Lone Star State has a shot of becoming blue again”, he claimed. “You know, uh, we have 17 battleground states across the country and we’re not losing focus on securing uh, uh, the many pathways to 270.”

After stumbling several times, Biden then went on to confuse Doug Emhoff for a woman.

“But my wife Jill as you know, and Doug Emhoff, uh, Kamala’s wife, are there,” he said.


It’s not the only embarrassing slip up that the Democratic nominee has made since the final presidential debate on Thursday, either. After he declared he would end the oil industry during the debate, Biden went on to confuse President Donald Trump with George W. Bush, who left office 12 years ago.

On Tuesday, Biden also publicly lost his train of thought and forgot what he was talking about in an outdoor event. Once it became clear he wasn’t making any sense, Biden’s staff ushered reporters away as he carried on talking.

Is this a man who is capable of running the United States? And if he wins in November, how long do you think it could be before he steps down to let Kamala Harris take the reins?