“Conservative” Bill Kristol Releases New Anti-Trump Ad, Aiding Dems in Presidential Race

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Remember Bill Kristol? He’s the neoconservative commentators and columnist from the defunct Weekly Standard magazine who lost his mind over Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential race. Ever since, Kristol had made destroying the president his primary goal, not to much success.

Recently, Kristol decided to use the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to his advantage, supporting the release of a new political ad that will only serve to help the Democrats in the upcoming presidential election.

A tax-exempt campaign group led by Bill Kristol, known as the Republicans for the Rule of Law, released a new video entitled “Crisis of Leadership” that shows Republican voters slamming the president for what they see as failings in his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The video spouts common Democrat talking points claiming the president didn’t act soon enough, despite the fact that the Democrats were calling Trump a xenophobe for even talking about banning travel to the United States from China.

Kristol even played down the role China had to play in the spread of this virus, sharing a Washington Post piece by Greg Sargent which claimed, “The China excuse is absurd.”

The new ad will air on Fox and Friends on Tuesday, The Hill reports, showing that Kristol is clearly taking aim at the president and his support among Republicans. At this point, it’s hard to tell exactly what Kristol is trying to achieve. By telling lies about the president and attempting to reduce his support among Democrats, he is assisting the Democrats in the run-up to the 2020 presidential race.

Could Kristol be trying to get Joe Biden elected, just to stick it to Trump?

Does Kristol really think his personal grudge is bigger than the security of the United States?