Dem Chicago Mayor Ignores Own “Stay Home” Advice, Poses at HAIRDRESSERS

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Democratic Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, has been helping slow the spread of the coronavirus by encouraging people to stay at home. On Lightfoot’s social media, she has taken many opportunities to remind people that staying at home and avoiding non-essential activity will help reduce the spread of the Chinese virus.

But it appears she isn’t willing to listen to her own advice and thinks getting a haircut is essential.

CBS Chicago reported on Monday that a woman who cut Lightfoot’s hair posted an image to her social media. According to political investigator Dana Kozlov, the hairstylist posted the photograph on Twitter and thanked the mayor for letting her style her hair. Stylist Cashmere Neal was seen stood right next to Lightfoot.

That’s definitely not six feet!

The hypocrisy is shocking when you take a look at a tweet Lightfoot posted on March 31, calling on people to stay at home and save lives.

“I don’t have much time to myself these days, but I felt I needed to make sure everyone knows how I feel about this Stay at Home Order,” she wrote.

The tweet featured a video of Lightfoot comically baking at home, writing “Stay Home” in flour on her kitchen surface, playing ball games in her house, and joking about having fun at home while protecting lives.

Incredibly, in the video Lightfoot can be seen joking on the phone telling her father, “Dad, getting your roots done is not essential!”

So why is it essential when Lightfoot does it?

When asked about the photograph, Lightfoot claimed she is still practicing social distancing because her hairstylist “had a mask and gloves on.”

“So we’re, I’m practicing what I’m preaching and making sure. I don’t typically take pictures these days. But we are trying to do everything we can to emphasize the messages around social distancing, washing your hands, stay at home.”

Lightfoot also claimed that, as an elected official, she needs to “make sure that [I] am out there and visible.”