Dem Governor Claims Trump “Too Slow” on Coronavirus, When Even CUOMO Admits That’s Wrong!

( – During a Tuesday interview on MSNBC, Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer made the shocking claim that the Trump administration is acting “too slow” on the coronavirus, despite a series of other Democrats suggesting otherwise.

In a discussion about closing restaurants and bars, Whitmer said, “In order to flatten the curve, we need to be aggressive on the front end. The federal government did not take this seriously early enough, and now it is on us to make sure we’re doing everything we can based on the best facts and science available and that we are always putting the health of our people front and center.”

But Whitmer was being disingenuous, as the president had already told governors to use their initiative to run their states. Host Stephanie Ruhle recognized this and challenged the governor on it.

“Yesterday, The New York Times reported that the president told a group of governors, ‘Don’t wait for the federal government to get respirators and ventilators. Get them for yourself,’ What’s the reaction to that?”

Whitmer didn’t seem to understand the fact that the president was encouraging governors to take action themselves, simply saying, “This has to be all hands on deck.”

The Michigan governor then criticized the president and said, “And so to hear the leader of the federal government tell us to work around the federal government because it’s too slow is just – it’s kind of mind-boggling.”

Can you believe that?

What’s really mind-boggling is that a Democratic governor can make such a wild claim, ignoring the facts, while other Democrats are praising the federal government for their actions.

That same day, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praised Trump during a press conference.

“Donald Trump’s team is on it. They have been responsible late at night, early in the morning. And thus far, they have been doing everything that they can do, and I want to say Thank You, and I want to say that I appreciate it,” Cuomo said.

So which is it? Is the government acting too slowly, or is the government acting in a way that is responsive and responsible?