Democrats FINALLY Admit They Can’t Stop Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination

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( After suggesting that they would do absolutely everything to stop Judge Amy Coney Barret’s confirmation in the Senate, the Democrats appear to be finally admitting that they can’t stop it from happening.

Senator Chris Coons admitted on Fox News on Wednesday that they had no procedural way to stop the nomination and confirmation process moving forward.

“There’s no procedural move that I’m aware of that allows the minority to slow this process down at all,” Coons said. “And trust me, I’ve asked a lot.”

It comes as Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again tries to get the president removed from office, plotting new schemes involving the 25th Amendment. On Thursday, she said during her weekly press briefing that journalists should come back the next day to hear the details.

Pelosi had previously suggested that new impeachment hearings could be used to stop President Donald Trump nominating a new Supreme Court Justice, but that ship has already sailed.

“That’s one of the things that I think the general public doesn’t quite appreciate is that as long as the [Republican] majority is willing to change the rules and is willing to insist on moving ahead when it is demonstrably unsafe, unwise and unprecedented to do so, there’s nothing the minority can do to stop them,” Coons added.

Coons’ suggestion that it is unprecedented to nominate a Supreme Court Justice in the final year of a presidency is inaccurate. It has occurred dozens of times throughout American history and whenever a president nominated a justice in this time, that nominee was confirmed by the Senate almost every time if the Senate was controlled by the same party as the White House. The nomination and expected confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, therefore, is not unprecedented.

Coons said that the only possible way that Barrett would not be confirmed by the Senate is if two Republicans joined the Democrats. He added that he was “not optimistic” that would happen and that the Democrats can only “slow it down perhaps a matter of hours, maybe days at the most, but we can’t stop the outcome.”