Don’t Go! Trump Ally Richard Grenell To Resign From Ambassador Role

( – Richard Grenell is the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, a staunch defender of President Trump and his overseas agenda, and now the Acting Director of National Intelligence. He is the first openly gay man to be appointed to the cabinet and is extremely popular with Republicans.

Sadly, he announced this week that he will be stepping down from his Ambassador position once his National Intelligence Director replacement, Rep, John Ratcliffe, takes over.

Grenell is currently filling two roles and was planning on returning to Berlin to continue his work very soon, but he told the White House that he intends to step down.

When asked by the media, he confirmed the news, saying, “Yes, it’s true. We were planning on coming home soon.”

Grenell has proven popular with the Trump administration for his ability to robustly defend the president’s agenda and fight back from unfair far-left attacks. Cliff Sims, formerly a senior advisor to the president, said, “The mandate of a diplomat is usually to be diplomatic. Trumpian foreign policy is obviously more confrontation.”

Speaking about Grenell, he said, “Ric is willing to be publicly confrontation with his host country if it’s in America’s national interest in a way that is not typical historically but directly reflects. The way Trump operates.”

On Wednesday, Grenell retweeted a post by Donald Trump Jr. which confirmed his departure and thanked him for all he does.

Grenell was widely praised when he was given the role of acting Director of National Intelligence, with current and former Trump advisors all congratulating him on Twitter.

It’s sad to see Grenell go, but we have no idea where he is going next. If he soon won’t be working as Director of National Intelligence and he’s leaving his role in Berlin, many are questioning whether this could be a sign he will be receiving a promotion from the president.

Perhaps Grenell isn’t going anywhere and could be joining the Trump administration in a more permanent capacity.