FBI Releases Photos Of Nashville Bombing

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- The FBI has now released images showing the damage done by the Christmas Day bomb explosion in Nashville, Tennessee. The release comes after Anthony Quinn Warner was named the suspect who orchestrated the suicide attack, which saw an explosion tearing through the city street from a bomb planted in a parked RV.

The FBI Memphis offices published the images on Twitter on Tuesday, and the damage shown is shocking.

2nd Avenue North was visibly torn apart, with cars and the fronts of buildings destroyed by the blast.

“These photos were taken in #Nashville at the blast site,” FBI Memphis wrote.

“#FBI and #ATF Evidence Response Teams (ERT) continue to process the scene of the Christmas Day explosion in Nashville, TN. The teams are searching for evidence to assist in the ongoing investigation,” the post continued.

63-year-old Warner was identified as the person responsible for the suicide bomb, and officers are searching everywhere they can to find evidence that might describe why he committed the attack. So far no information has been revealed to suggest why he did it, though there has been some speculation that it might have been paranoia about the implementation of new 5G network technology.

The parked RV warned people in surrounding areas to evacuate if they could hear the loudspeaker systems. Six Nashville cops sprung into action upon hearing the warning and saved the lives of many people in the vicinity.

Dozens of businesses and buildings surrounding the RV were seriously damaged, Warner died in the blast, and three people were injured. Thankfully nobody else was killed in the attack, but it looks like we could be waiting a long time until we find out why Warner did this.