French Billionaire Dead After Helicopter Crash

( French conservative billionaire Olivier Dassault, who was also a member of the French Assembly, was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

President of France Emmanuel Macron responded to the sad news in a tweet on Sunday.

“Olivier Dassault loved France. Captain of industry, mp, local elected official, reserve commander in the air force: his life, he never ceased to serve our country, to value its assets,” he said.

“His sudden death is a great loss.”

The 69-year-old politician, who belonged to the center-right party Les Republicans, was involved in an accident that occurred during take-off at around 6 pm. Reports suggest that there was nobody else aboard the aircraft except Dassault and the pilot. Both died in the crash.

“We are opening a judicial investigation for involuntary manslaughter,” public prosecutor Delphine Mienniel revealed to the press.

The French national air crash investigation agency, the BEA, announced that the crash occurred on private grounds.

Dassault was the 361st richest man in the world, according to last year’s Forbes Rich List, and has served as a member of parliament for Les Republicans since 2002. He was the son of the CEO of Dassault Aviation and the grandson of the company’s founder, Marcel Block.

Dassault Aviation is a leading French plane manufacturer. It is responsible for the Falcon private jet and even manufactures the Rafale fighter jet and Mirage warplane.

National Assembly president Richard Ferrand said that he was “thinking of his family and loves ones who must feel terrible pain.”

The conservative parliamentarian was once set to be the heir to the company his grandfather and father built but resigned from the company board declaring it incompatible with his duty to the French people.