Georgia State Bar Targets Lin Wood

( One of former President Donald Trump’s allies could soon be facing punishment from a reputable organization.

Lin Wood, a defamation lawyer, is set to face punishment of some kind from the Georgia State Bar. The Bar confirmed they are moving ahead with punishment, after they said Wood advanced false claims of voter fraud in court.

On Saturday, Wood posted a complaint from the State Bar on a message board on the social media app Telegram. That complaint, which was supposed to be confidential, alleges Wood could have violated multiple rules of professional conduct.

The Bar sent the complaint to Wood on February 5. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to Wood, though, as the Bar said weeks ago that it was proceeding with an investigation as to whether Wood should be stripped of his attorney’s license due to “mental illness.”

Rules of the Georgia State Bar say “mental illness, cognitive impairment, alcohol abuse or substance abuse, to the extent of impairing competency as a lawyer” could be grounds for removing a lawyer’s license to practice law. The disciplinary board in the state can even refer such a person to a mental health professional. If he were to refuse that evaluation, it “may be grounds for further proceedings … including emergency suspension proceedings.”

When he posted his message to Telegram, Wood said:

“They have thrown the kitchen sink at me.”

He also asked his supporters to donate money to help him fight the Bar’s effort to punish him. While Wood was banned from Twitter, someone posted his comments on Telegram on that platform. He wrote, in part:

“The attack launched against me today arising out of my efforts to protect and defend the Constitution and help others will require that I engage lawyers to defend me and incur out of pocket expenses for experts, witness fees, etc. I know the costs will be substantial.

“The GA State Bar has very deep pockets. I also believe that other agencies are behind the GA State Bar’s efforts to destroy my reputation and deprive me of the ability to earn a livelihood and represent clients in need of my experience and knowledge, like Roslyn La Liberte and Sidney Powell.

“I hate to ask others for money. But I know that the fight I face is not only for me but also for you. More important than donations, I ask for your prayers. God bless each of you.”

Wood also recently announced that he’ll be representing fellow lawyer Powell. She’s facing a defamation lawsuit brought by elections software company Dominion Voting Systems. Powell, and to an extent Wood, both claimed Dominion’s voting software changed votes from Trump to President Joe Biden.

Dominion has also levied a massive lawsuit against Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

In related news, the Secretary of State’s office in Georgia is probing whether Wood voted illegally in the 2020 presidential election. That comes from a statement Wood made to a journalist, saying he had been living outside of Georgia for multiple months.