Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Claims She Should Be Presumed Innocent

( The brother of disgraced socialite Ghislain Maxwell, who is the former partner of dead sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has said that his sister is experiencing “monstrous” treatment while being kept in a federal detention center.

Maxwell is awaiting trial after being accused of helping Epstein abuse young girls and women.

“It’s really a ghastly experience. She’s lost 20 pounds, she’s losing her hair, she can’t concentrate,” Ian Maxwell said in a recent interview with Good Morning America.

“She has a flashlight shone in her cell every 15 minutes during the night, so she has no sleep of any real quality,” he added.

Maxwell was charged with recruiting and grooming teenage girls who went on to be abused by her partner Jeffrey Epstein and has been held in a New York jail ever since. She is awaiting a trial that is due to begin in July and has had two requests for bail rejected after the court deemed her to be a flight risk.

“Ghislaine is an American,” her brother told Good Morning America. “She’s never been a flight risk. In the year or so between when Epstein died and when she was arrested, she was in the United States all the time. She was not running away from law enforcement.”

Maxwell was denied a $28.5 million bail package put forward by Maxwell’s lawyers in December, 2021. The package proposed that she would return home and be kept there with armed guards. Her attorneys also described her prison conditions as unfair, claiming that she was subject to invasive searches and that her sleep was being disrupted every 15 minutes to check she had not killed herself.

Epstein famously killed himself in a cell while awaiting trial in 2019, prompting additional measures to ensure Maxwell cannot do the same.

Ian Maxwell insisted that his sister was not being treated as presumed innocent.

“She is not Epstein. Epstein was guilty. He did time. And he was gonna do a hell of a lot more time. But she is not him. And I don’t know how many times I have to say it. She deserves to be treated as Ghislaine, presumed innocent, get on with the defense, tell us what you’ve gotta tell us, put it up, and then let the jury decide,” he said.

Maxwell’s treatment so far has been no different than most other criminals, particularly those who are deemed to be a flight risk. Her trial is expected to go ahead as any other criminal trial would go ahead, affording her all the same rights and privileges as other accused criminals.