GOP Lawmakers Scramble To Fox News Competitor, Newsmax

( Fox News is no longer the go-to network for conservatives it seems, with Republican lawmakers now more frequently appearing on rival networks Newsmax. According to a report from The Hill, Newsmax is growing in popularity while Fox News loses interviews with Republicans during President Donald Trump’s battle for election integrity.

The feud with Fox News goes back to election night when the network prematurely called the state of Arizona for Joe Biden, despite very few votes having been counted in the state that was ultimately won by Biden very narrowly.

We say “won,” but evidence of election fraud exists in Arizona and was presented by President Trump’s legal team to state senators.

While Newsmax still doesn’t have the same viewers as Fox, The Hill describes how President Trump’s criticism of the establishment network is sending Republicans over to Newsmax instead. Representative Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican, is just one example who has appeared many times on Newsmax and another rival network One America News in recent weeks.

Both Newsmax and One America News have staunchly defended the president since election night. OAN refuses to use the term “President-elect” Joe Biden to this day, and Newsmax only began using the term after the Electoral College vote. Both networks, however, regularly cover the president’s efforts to decertify election results in battleground states where there is shocking evidence of widespread election fraud.

While Newsmax has been around since the 90s, the network has grown substantially in recent years. It has since firmly established its presence as a pro-Trump network, acting as a counterbalance to the massively anti-Trump and anti-Republican mainstream networks like CNN and MSNBC.

During a 24-hour period last week, The Hill reports that Newsmax featured interviews with high-profile Republican Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky, David Perdue of Georgia, and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

The president has yet to boycott Fox completely, but his criticism of the network is fuelling growth for rivals.

Just last week, President Trump gave an interview to Fox, which still has some vocally pro-Trump anchors and hosts.

If Fox loses the trust of Republicans, it will open the door for Newsmax, OAN, or another network to replace it. But if it doesn’t, then at the very least it will no longer be the only major outlet available for conservatives and non-Democrats.