Gunman Ambushes Vaccine Caravan In Texas

( A crazed gunman was arrested in Texas on Tuesday after allegedly attempting to ambush a National Guardsmen caravan transporting COVID-19 vaccines through the state. The 66-year-old Arizona resident, Larry Harris, is accused of following the troops for roughly 10 miles on Monday morning after seeing them at a gas station.

Idalou Police Chief Eric Williams revealed the details of the case on Tuesday evening, saying that Harris turned his vehicle to face oncoming traffic and attempted to run the caravan off the road.

Williams said he was thankful that it didn’t turn into a “major bloodshed.”

“He made a U-turn on the highway and parked his vehicle head-on in front of those vans, got out, announced that he was a detective, didn’t show a badge, didn’t show credentials,” he said.

Harris reportedly told the 11 soldiers, who were all unarmed, to get out of their vehicles while pointing a gun at them. He then told the guardsmen that he was searching for a kidnapped woman and her child.

When the Texas Nationals Guardsmen complied, Harris searched their van and a troop called 911. Police quickly arrived at the scene, and Chief Williams said that the quick response of the officers ensured that the suspected could be arrested “without further incident.”

Officials said that they believe Harris was suffering from mental problems and may have been experiencing a delusional or psychotic episode. Nonetheless, he is facing a number of charges including unlawful restraint of the soldiers, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and impersonating a public servant.

Some Democrats and unhinged far-left activists online attempted to paint the incident as an example of white supremacy, but police confirmed that the man was suffering from a clear mental episode.

“The police can’t stop offering excuses for violent white men,” one radical activist claimed.

Another user asked if people remembered when Trump supporters attempted to run a Biden bus off the road – a disproven conspiracy theory.

Will Democrats ever stop trying to make everything about race?