Gyms 500 TIMES Safer Than Most Public Places According To New Study

( A new study from MXM and the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) shows that gyms and sports facilities are as much as 500 times safer than most public spaces. It comes as many gyms are still operating at limited capacity, requiring people to wear masks, or simply not open at all across the United States.

The story relied on data collected from 2,873 gyms and sporting facilities across the United States and took place over three months. It found that during this period there were nearly 50 million check-ins. Out of those people checking in to their gyms, only 0.0023% later tested positive for COVID-19.

This incredibly small number of people testing positive for the virus is around 500 times lower than the infection rate for people entering other public spaces across the country. It suggests that the decision for national governments all over the world to shut down gyms during the initial lockdown phase at the beginning of the year was not a good one, and not based on good science.

What’s more, the study shows just how far gyms and sporting facilities have gone to stop people spreading the virus while at the facilities. From plexiglass between gym machines to the wearing of masks and implementing air ventilation systems, gyms have taken steps that have proven effective in stopping or reducing the spread of the virus.

Researchers also said that there was no evidence that the gym was the place where the tiny 0.0023% of check-ins contracted the virus, meaning the percentage of check-ins actually contracting the virus from attending the gym is even smaller.

CEO of MXM, Blair McHaney, said that even just a few months ago the data on this was “practically non-existent.”

“All that’s changed – and for the better,” McHaney said. “It’s become abundantly clear that the safety measures gyms, sports clubs, and boutique fitness centres have in place are not only incredibly effective at keeping their membership safe, but also curbing any potential spread of COVID-19 during a time when we all need access to exercise facilities to stay healthy.”

Hear that? The data shows that gyms are safe to use.