Harry Reid Says U.S. Government HIDING Evidence Of UFOs

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed in a new documentary that the United States government covered up evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects.

The interview, which interviews several high-profile political figures, also talked to John Podesta, the former White House Chief of Staff under the Clinton administration.

Reid makes the shocking statement that the American government is sitting on evidence of UFOs that it still refuses to release. Reid went even further and suggested that the UFOs which the American government has evidence of have even interfered with American weapons systems.

If this evidence is real, it would mean that the United States government is aware of potential extra-terrestrial life that is capable of building technology that crosses galaxies.

“There’s more than one up there,” Reid can be heard in the new documentary, “The Phenomenon.”

Amazingly, it’s not the first time that Reid has spoken up on the topic of UFOs. A year ago, Reid told the press that he believes UFO files should not remain secret. His comments came at a time when the United States government, under the Trump administration, began releasing many files that prove the existence of UFOs.

To be clear, the files show that the United States government know that unidentified flying objects exist, but do not explicitly state that they are of alien origin.

During the new documentary, Reid is asked whether there is any evidence that has not yet seen the light of day.

“I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day,” he responded.

“They did everything they could to stop the program from going forward…they wanted nothing to do with this,” he also said of the government’s attempt to stop him from exposing the truth.

The idea that the government hasn’t released “most” of their evidence is shocking, given that the Pentagon releases several videos of what they called “unidentified aerial phenomena” recorded by Navy pilots.

The new documentary is available to watch on YouTube right now.