HIDDEN TRUMP VOTE: Poll Shows Plurality Of Voters Believe Neighbors Are Voting For Trump

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- 2020 could prove to be an even bigger surprise Trump victory than 2016, with polls showing that a plurality of registered voters believe that their neighbors are voting for President Trump in the upcoming election. The poll is different in that it accounts for the so-called “Shy Trump” vote, whereby people are not honest with voters over fears that they may be targeted by left-wing activists.

Taken between September 22 and 24, the poll asked 1,314 registered voters who they believe their neighbors are voting for. It allows people to offer an insight into how people are behaving and talking behind the scenes, and the results paint a picture of a nation terrified to admit that they are voting Republican.

43% of respondents, which was a plurality, said that they believe their neighbors are voting for President Trump, will just 36% of voters said that they believe they would vote for Biden. Some 21% of respondents said that they did not know how their neighbors are voting, which indicates a huge section of society who have not placed yard signs out front or even engaged with their local community about politics.

It’s a bad sign for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who will need a huge upswing in support compared to Clinton’s performance four years ago.

The “Shy Trump” vote is well documented at this point, with several polls already showing that more Trump voters are unwilling to tell the truth to pollsters than Biden voters.

In August, one of the founders of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project even admitted that polls regularly undercount President Trump’s support.

Steve Schmidt, a former adviser to Senator John McCain, told MSNBC how it is “historically difficult to defeat an incumbent president” and that he suspects that there is “at least a point or two of undercount for Trump voters.”

Polling organization the Trafalgar Group, which was the only polling organization to correctly predict Trump’s Michigan win in 2016 on election day, told The Hill that they have seen more “silent” Trump voters this time around than they did in 2016.

Out of all the polling organizations, Trafalgar has consistently shown that the race is much tighter than other polls suggest.

The same poll that found most voters believe their neighbors are voting for the president found President Trump trailing behind Joe Biden, with 45% support to his 47%. However, the Harvard-Harris Poll also described the poll as a “shrinking marginal advantage.”