House Democrats Push IRS Expansion Under Joe Biden Igniting Fears Of Abuse

( If House Democrats and Joe Biden have their way, the country could be facing a very politicized IRS that, once again, targets conservative groups and those associated with the tea party.

Democrats in the House are apparently pushing for an expansion of the tax agency. They are talking about giving them $5.2 just for “enforcement activities.” This has brought up bad feelings for some people who recall the unfair practices carried out by the IRS under former President Barack Obama.

An inspector general investigation, which was followed up by oversight by Congress, revealed that the exempt organization unit within the IRS unfairly applied rules to conservatives under Obama.

As the president of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, recently told Fox News:

“You’ll see tremendous politicization of the IRS during a Biden administration. There will be an effort to bulk up and harass, first, small businesses. Then, they will go after political groups.

“Democrats weren’t looking to throw the money into the IRS when Trump was president. But they want to do it now.”

Neither Biden nor members of his campaign responded to inquiries for comments for Fox News. However, the previous comments of Biden’s close advisers reveal that this IRS expansion is definitely in the works.

Jared Bernstein, who Biden chose to serve on the Council on Economic Advisers, said in October that the Democrat would seek “significant increases in IRS enforcement and auditing, particularly for those with complex business structures.”

In late November, 25 House Democrats sent a letter to leaders in the House and Senate explaining their position that an increase in IRS funding would be a matter of “tax fairness.” The group asked for $12.1 billion total for the IRS, $5.2 billion of which would go toward “enforcement activities that are critical to ensuring compliance.”

The group is led by Representatives Bill Pascrell of New Jersey and Judy Chu of California. The letter reads, in part:

“The strength of IRS enforcement activities must be a priority for Congress, especially considering the additional measures Congress enacted under the CARES Act to lessen the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, increasing the examinations and collections budget by $20 billion over 10 years increases revenues by $61 billion, and if it is increased by $40 billion over 10 years, it would increase revenues by $103 billion.”

The $12.1 billion funding bill was approved by House Democrats already. The group, though, wants to make sure that the full Congress retains that amount — and includes the enforcement portion — for the 2021 appropriations bill.

The actions of the IRS are the largest single concern of any budget appropriation, according to some. As the honorary chairwoman of Tea Party Patriots Action, Jenny Beth Martin, said:

“At the IRS, the question is not will they get more money for enforcement, but will they return under a Biden administration to acting as they did under the Obama-Biden administration? Will they suspend the First Amendment for their political foes, as they did before?

“That does not require a change in the size of their bank account. That is simply a function of attitude, and whether or not they are going to treat the public they serve with dignity, respect and consideration for their constitutional rights.”