House Passes Two Immigration Bills After Facing Extreme Pushback Over Border

( This week, the House of Representatives is set to vote on two separate immigration bills that seek to address the surging crisis at America’s southern border.
One bill would try to provide a citizenship pathway to Dreamers. Through the Dream and Promise Act, immigrants who were brought to America illegally as young children and who still live here illegally would have a chance to become legal citizens.
The other bill, called the Farm Modernization Workforce Act, seeks to create streamline the application process for the H-2A visa, as well as create a new labor status called the certified agricultural worker.
In addition to these two House-led bills, President Joe Biden said he was pushing forward with a huge reform plan for immigration. That wide-sweeping plan likely isn’t going to get past the Republicans in the Senate, though.
The House bills, however, are likely to see support from Republicans. In the first turns through the House, FMWA received support from 34 Republicans, while DPA received support from seven.
The bills are coming at a time when the border crisis is getting worse. A record number of migrants, which include thousands of different children, are arriving at the southern border between Mexico and the U.S. Government resources, especially at the U.S. Border Patrol, are getting thin quickly.
Last week, officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement requested more officers to help them respond to the influx in migrants. Over the weekend, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was directed by the Department of Homeland Security to assist.
Many Democrats are trying to blame the crisis on former President Donald Trump and Republicans. That, of course, is not even close to what’s really happening. On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters:
“I don’t know what his purpose is, but I do know that the Biden administration is trying to fix the broken system that was left to them by the Trump administration. The Biden administration will have a system based on doing the best possible job understanding this is a humanitarian crisis.”
The number of migrants who have stormed the border has increased significantly since Biden entered the White House. So, that goes directly in the face of what Pelosi is claiming.
Republicans, meanwhile, are trying to do something about the situation. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, traveled along with 12 other Republicans to the border this week. They wanted to highlight just how bad the situation has gotten.
On Friday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said:
“We’re very concerned about this crisis at the border that has been created specifically by Joe Biden’s policies. President Biden’s border crisis has got to get reversed.”
Representative Lance Gooden, a Republican from Texas, wrote a letter directly to the Biden administration this month urging them to step up to address the crisis. The letter read:
“We ask you to reconsider your position in light of subsequent events. There is a crisis at our southern border.
“It is critical that our leaders recognize the severity of the circumstances and respond accordingly.”