Hunter Biden Had Relations With Brother’s Widow And Her Sister

( A shocking new report this week revealed that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was having sexual relations with his late brother’s widow and her sister at the same time.

It comes after a huge number of compromising videos of Hunter Biden were published via the Taiwanese GTV outlet in November of 2020. The footage showed the young Biden smoking drugs, posing naked, and having sex with young-looking women and prostitutes.

The videos were automatically blocked by Twitter and social media platforms, despite having been legally obtained from a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden at a computer repair store in Wilmington, Delaware.

Several conservative outlets posted the videos only for them to be deleted by Twitter and memory-holed by the mainstream media. But now, there’s much more to this story, and the mainstream press is struggling to cover it up.

The Daily Mail reported how Hunter Biden had a “controversial affair with his brother Beau’s grieving widow Hallie, while exchanging raunchy texts, ‘partying,’ and even renting a house with her sister.”

In an exclusive report, The Mail revealed how Elizabeth Secundy, Hallie Biden’s older sister, would call Hunter her “prince” and even said that she loved him in a series of text message exchanges from 2016.

The Mail used material legally obtained from the laptop abandoned at a Delaware computer shop, indicating that mainstream outlets may now be less scared about going public with the story.

The media already won got its preferred candidate elected, so it matters less now, right?

In one email published by The Daily Mail, Hallie Biden described how Hunter cheated on her and continued to cheat on her as she tried to get him help, apparently for his drug addiction.

“Not only did you cheat on me, Viagra and Cialis, you actually bought her expensive gifts,” the email says.

Files from the famed laptop also revealed how the relationship with Secundy went on well into 2018, with the pair renting a home in the summer of that year together.

In another email exchange with Secundy in September 2016, when Hunter Biden was still dating Hallie, America’s First Son discussed initiating a “Face Time” video call from the shower, and even offered to teach Secundy “how to masturbate.”

The treasure trove of emails reveals just how sordid the affair was, and how extreme the young Biden’s treatment of his family members became.

Hunter Biden is expected to release his memoir “Beautiful Things” on April 6, though it is unclear just how many admissions he will make, and if his affair will be discussed at all.