Hunter Biden Owns Stake In Chinese Equity Firm

(AmericanPoliticalDaily)- Remember when then-candidate Joe Biden said that his son wasn’t making shady business deals abroad, while also claiming not to know anything about his son’s business deals?

Well, now that candidate Biden is President Biden, it looks like he’s going to be forced to defend those deals all over again.

According to The Daily Caller’s investigative reporter Andrew Kerr, Hunter Biden has kept hold of his stake in a Chinese equity firm, which is part-controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, even after representatives claimed that he would distance himself.

The Caller reported on Wednesday how the young Biden “continues to hold a 10% stake in the Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners.”

Chinese records show that Biden has not divested his position in the company after several reports in the mainstream press claimed in December that he was in the process of doing so. Back on December 23, Fox News reported that Biden was “in the process of offloading his stake in the Chinese investment firm.”

BHR Partners oversees some $2.1 billion in assets and it is partly owned by the Bank of China, which is controlled by the Chinese state.

Maybe that’s why President Joe Biden just signed executive orders that roll back President Donald Trump’s restrictions on Chinese business access to the United States…

George Mesires, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, claimed in October 2019 that his client had not made any return on the investment – but his comments weren’t exactly clear. Emails that were later discovered legally on Hunter Biden’s old laptop showed that he should expect to make a profit on the investment in the coming years.

Mesires also promised in the same statement in October that Biden would stand down from his position on the BHR board. Then-candidate Joe Biden said that it proved his son was a “man of integrity.”

As well as maintaining his investment in BHR, Hunter Biden is currently under investigation by federal authorities for money laundering.

In November 2020, contents of a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden at a computer repair store were released by the New York Post and some anti-communist Chinese organizations. The laptop contained photographs and videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine and having sex with young women.

President Joe Biden promised reporters that nobody in his family will have an office in the White House or have business relationships with any foreign corporation or foreign power.

That’s just one of several campaign promises already broken…