Instagram Forces Users To Follow White House Account Even After They Try To Unfollow

(AmericanPoliticalDaily)- Big Tech really wants you to think that President Joe Biden is popular…so much so, that they appear to be willing to force users to follow the White House.

Reports suggest that Instagram, the popular image-sharing social media app, is forcing users to follow the Biden White House account.

They never needed to force users to follow President Donald Trump when he was in office. Maybe because voters actually liked him.

The Gateway Pundit broke the news after a reader got in touch, telling them that Instagram was forcing users to follow the White House account even if they unfollow.

The reader explained:

“Hoping you pick up this story. If you unfollow or block the White House Instagram account, hours later you are forced to follow it again. More than half of the followers are being forced to follow the page. Seems like Instagram is trying to avoid the mainstream media picking up on Biden having less than a million followers.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Biden struggled with social media. Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, the Biden Twitter account published statements very clearly written by young aides and not by the presidential candidate himself.

And, in the days following his inauguration, the White House YouTube account has been plagued by bad reviews and downvotes. So many people expressed their dislike of the propaganda videos published on the platform that YouTube even turned off comments on some of them.

Some reporters have even caught YouTube removing dislikes from videos, though the number of “likes” remain remarkably low for what we are told is the most popular presidential candidate in history.

The Gateway Pundit report even shows a huge number of comments from angry Instagram users explaining how they were banned from unfollowing the White House account.

One user, Claudia_a_garcia, said, “I have unfollowed this account multiple times. Anyone else?”

The comment received more than 3,600 likes in just two hours.

What’s going on?