Intelligence Community Warns Of Potential Violent Acts By Domestic Extremists During Pandemic

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Extremist groups around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic as a way to bolster their racist and anti-government propaganda to hopefully incite violence.
That’s according to an intelligence bulletin sent Tuesday from the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and National Counterterrorism Center. It cited threats from a variety of hate groups that targeted minorities. The messaging included conspiracy theories about the origins of the coronavirus and various government’s responses to it.
The bulletin warned that potential targets could be grocery stores and hospitals and also police officers who are helping to enforce stay-at-home orders.
In recent days, there have been two plots by extremists that have required the response of law enforcement. In California, a train engineer reportedly derailed his train near a naval hospital ship he said was being used in a government takeover. A man in Missouri has also been accused of trying to set off a car bomb near a hospital that was treating patients for COVID-19.
There have also been an increase in the number of reported attacks on Asian people ever since the initial outbreak of the coronavirus began in China.
The bulletin warned that extremist groups are blaming China for spreading coronavirus around the world, which means hate crimes against Asians could increase over the next few months.
There are also conspiracy theories from Anti-Semitic groups that have claimed Israel and Jews manufactured and spread coronavirus.
The bulletin seems to be focused more on domestic extremist groups, some that claim the government’s lack of a response to the coronavirus outbreak could lead to a race war and a crash of the global economy. The intelligence community worries that this could incite people who are struggling economically to act violently toward other people they believe are to blame.
The agencies are also worried that these groups may try to exploit holes in law enforcement that have been created as officers are diverted to enforce stay-at-home orders, or as officers have been taken off duty because they have themselves been infected by the coronavirus.
But the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center are also worried about other extremist groups. One such group is anti-abortion extremists who are upset that many states have continued to allow abortions to take place despite a near full ban on non-essential and non-emergency medical procedures.
According to the bulletin, a copy of which was obtained by CNN, the intelligence community is concerned about these groups using violence against health care providers who are still performing abortions during the coronavirus outbreak.
Other concerned groups include extremists who focus on police brutality. The bulletin mentions these groups could ignore states’ stay-at-home orders and then incite violence against the police officers who have been tasked with enforcing these orders.
As always, intelligence bulletins like this are meant to serve as warnings of potential threats, not necessarily threats that have been verified or appear imminent. As such, there shouldn’t be an alarmist cause for concern yet, but rather a look out for potential violence.