Iran Claims Satellite Controlled Machine Gun Killed Top Nuclear Scientist

( The Deputy Commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said during an interview with state media on Sunday that the nuclear scientist recently assassinated in the country was killed by a “statellite-controlled machine gun.”

Admiral Ali Fadavi contradicted claims by the Iranian government that scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was murdered by terrorists using Israeli weapons after a gun battle with bodyguards, instead saying he was killed by a gun that used an “advanced camera and artificial intelligence.” He said that there were “no terrorists on the scene.”

In the new version of events described by the military commander, a machine gun that was mounted on the top of a Nissan pickup truck was controlled via the Internet and was targeted “only on martyr Fakhrizadeh’s face in a way that his wife, despite being only 25 centimetres away, was not shot.”

The commander even said that a member of the scientist’s security team was injured when trying to shield him from the 13 shots fired by the gun via remote control.

Iranian state media published an eyewitness account of the assassination, saying a Nissan truck was involved in the attack, and that during the exchange of fire, the truck exploded. The same witness also said that several individuals were involved with the gun battle.

Many accounts have already accused Israel and/or Iranian opposition of the murder, but nobody has claimed the assassination so far. Israel has not commented on the murder.

On Sunday, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said that the nuclear scientist was recorded saying the Iranian government had asked him to build “five warheads” back in 2008.

“The recording was reportedly acquired by Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert after Israeli intelligence recruited an Iranian official close to Fakhrizadeh, according to the Times of Israel citing the Yedioth report,” Al Arabiya English reported.

Israel has long asserted that Fakhrizadeh was helping Iran develop a nuclear weapons program. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said back in 2018 that Israeli intelligence officials had information showing the extent of Iran’s weapons program, along with its ambitions, and that they could prove that Fakhrizadeh was spearheading it.

Whoever was responsible for the assassination, if the Deputy Commander is right, it could have been performed remotely by anybody with a satellite connection to the weapon on the Nissan truck, and the explosion would have destroyed the evidence.