Iran Leader Banned From Twitter After Threatening Trump

(AmericanPoliticalDaily)- Social media giant Twitter has finally gone one step too far in banning President Donald Trump and his supporters, now being forced to ban other accounts to ensure they appear at least somewhat fair.

After deleting a series of Antifa accounts, despite Republicans warning for years that Antifa is dangerous, Twitter announced on Friday that an account believed to be linked to the office of Iran’s Supreme Leader has been permanently deleted.

The account posted an image on Thursday of President Donald Trump playing golf on one of his golf courses, with the shadow of a drone surrounding him.

The tweet included the message “Revenge is certain” written in the Farsi language, making the post a direct threat to the life of the former president.

Iran has ramped up its rhetoric against President Trump in recent months, following his decision to place strict sanctions on the country after it repeatedly broke the conditions of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

A Twitter spokesperson told the Associated Press that the fake account broke the “manipulation and spam” policy, but didn’t explain how they came to that conclusion. The tweet also violated the “abusive behavior policy” according to the spokesman.

The account, @khamenei_site, is believed to have been connected to the official office of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Content published by the account was very similar to the content published by other accounts from Iran’s government, and it often published excerpts and clips from speeches made by the Iranian leader. The account also directed people to the official Khamenei website.

It appeared as though the account was being used to share the threats about the president without distributing them through official channels, which still remain active as they didn’t technically break the rules.

Isn’t it interesting how Twitter will so easily censor President Trump, as they did throughout the second half of his first term in office, but they will allow Iranian accounts to stay live even when decoy accounts are used to spread disinformation and threats to kill?

In Iran, social media plants forms like Twitter and Facebook are already blocked – but leaders are given access to the accounts where they regularly spread anti-Western propaganda and threats.

But whether or not Iran has access to Twitter…it looks pretty clear that the nation is focusing on getting revenge on President Donald Trump.