Is Nikki Haley Planning A Presidential Run In 2024, Or Just Blasting Socialism To Help Trump?

( – A potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate may already be hitting the campaign trail.

During a speech she delivered at the Hudson Institute this week, Nikki Haley slammed Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and warned listeners about the dangers of socialism.

“We must promise each other and future generations that America will never become a socialist country,” she said at the think tank based in Washington, D.C. “Socialism is a total disaster, and as Americans, we must condemn it wherever it exists. That is why it is truly amazing to see how socialism has become trendy in parts of America. These days, it seems like socialism is everywhere.

“It’s in our colleges and universities. It’s in Congress, where an up-and-coming congresswoman [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] says, ‘Capitalism is irredeemable.’ It’s at the highest levels of society and politics. Right now, the Democratic presidential frontrunner is an avowed socialist named Bernie Sanders. Only in a prosperous country like America can people be so flippant about capitalism and so naïve about socialism.

“This trend in America must be taken seriously. An entire generation has grown up without knowing the suffering caused by socialism in the 20th century. America’s collective amnesia is becoming a real threat.”

And to those who point to Scandinavian countries as where socialism works:

“The same Scandinavia where Sweden tried socialism, saw it fail, and went so far in the other direction that it now has one of the freest economies in Europe. The same Scandinavia where Denmark cut its business tax rate by more than half. The Danish prime minister criticized Bernie Sanders and said his country is a market economy.”

In addition to bashing Sanders, his supporters and socialism in general, Haley stressed how important it is to remember that capitalism is what made America so great and is still “the best economic system the world has ever seen.”

She continued:

“A growing number of people have forgotten this fundamental truth. The Democratic presidential candidates are embracing socialism, and some, in more traditional conservative circles, are calling for a more watered-down version of socialism. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, America’s future must be built on an actual capitalistic foundation.”

Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations under President Donald Trump, has long been rumored to desire a run for the White House. When she stepped down as ambassador at the end of 2018 after less than a year in the post, some thought it was to give her time to prepare a run for the Republican nomination in 2020 against Trump. She did not throw her hat into the ring, though.

That has led many to believe she’s going to use the next four years to remain in the public eye while she prepares a full-fledged plan to run in 2024. In addition to being the former ambassador to the United Nations, Haley was also the first woman governor of South Carolina and the first Sikh-American governor in the United States.