Jim Biden Responds To CORRUPTION Scandal: “I Don’t Want To Comment About Anything”

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is embroiled in a corruption scandal, and so far the only journalists that seem willing to press him on it are from Fox and various other right-leaning outlets. On Wednesday, a Fox News reporter approached his brother, Jim Biden, and asked him for comment on evidence showing then-Vice President Joe Biden was aware of business deals being made by his son and brother.

Staying true to the Biden policy of denying or ignoring, Jim Biden simply responded, “I don’t want to comment about anything.”

Biden didn’t even defend himself or say that the evidence is inauthentic or the reports are wrong.

The brother of the former vice president and current favorite to win the presidential election (if you believe the polls) was approached at a property on the Eastern Shore. A Fox News reporter repeatedly asked him questions, and when asked if he cared to answer them, he responded, “nope.”

It comes just days after a former business partner of Hunter Biden, Jim Bobulinski, came forward on Fox News about business deals being made in China and Ukraine. Bobulinski described how he met with Joe Biden at a conference while he was vice president, discussing business deals organized by his brother and son, which he profited from.

Bobulinski also provided three cell phones containing emails and messages from Hunter and Jim Biden proving that business deals were taking place while Joe Biden was vice president and that he was well aware of them.

He recalled to Carlson how he once asked Jim Biden how Joe Biden was getting away with profiting from business deals while he was vice president, knowing that holding such high office would prohibit him from doing such deals.

“I remember saying, ‘How are you guys getting away with this? Aren’t you concerned?” he said.

Jim Biden then reportedly laughed and responded, “plausible deniability.”

Could Jim Bidens’ refusal to answer questions be the “deniability” part of his alleged plan?

Joe Biden has also refused to answer questions about the corruption scandal, and his son, Hunter Biden, has not been seen in months.