Joe Biden To Review North Korea Soon, Report Says

( President Joe Biden, who took unilateral military action in the form of strikes on Syria within weeks of taking office, is all set to complete a review on North Korea and layout plans for his administration to deal with the isolationist communist dictatorship.

Can’t he just leave things alone and at least not make things worse for the next four years?

A senior White House official revealed that the review of North Korea policy is expected to be finished “within the next month or so” but didn’t provide any further information about the kind of position he is expected to take.

Former President Donald Trump famously became the first sitting American president to step foot on North Korean soil after making progress in negotiations with the nation. Those discussions, however, eventually broke down and the former president focused his efforts on signing historic peace deals in the Middle East instead.

“We are involved and engaged in a highly intense strategic review. Our expectations are that it will be done in within the next month or so,” the official said, according to The Jerusalem Post.

What we do know right now, however, is that Secretary of State Antony Blinken has previously indicated that he favors more sanctions on North Korea, or similar diplomatic incentives.

He better keep the warmonger president away from the nuclear buttons…

Blinken also said that the White House’s expectations are “probably very much shaped by previous experiences” but said that there were “some interesting dynamics about the previous, the most immediate, period.”

Meaning there were interesting dynamics put in place by the Trump administration, which came closer than any other administration in negotiation peace with North Korea.

“I think we want to explore a variety of different things,” he said.

North Korea currently faces a huge shortage of crops, with the nation short on at least five million tonnes of food and struggling with a weak economy and rising poverty levels.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un recently revealed a new five-year economic plan to turn the country around, which includes building more factories and becoming more self-sufficient after cutting off roughly 99% of trade with neighboring China during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Biden has a big job ahead of him, especially with North Korea having reportedly continued its nuclear program through 2020.

President Joe Biden negotiating peace with an unhinged nuclear power…what could go wrong?