Joe Biden’s Niece Gets No Jail Time After Guilty Plea In Drunk Driving Crash

( If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that if you’re a member of the Biden family, you’ll probably get away with breaking the law because of your family name. That was certainly the case for Caroline Biden, the niece of the former vice president who pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of drugs on December 3 but somehow managed to avoid jail time.

Pennsylvania court records show how the 33-year-old Biden won’t spend even a single day behind bars after she managed to negotiate a plea deal that allows her to spend between 20 days and six months in “confinement,” roughly five months of probation, and a further 20 days spent in rehab in January that will count towards the sentence.

What is it with Bidens and drugs, and walking away from lawbreaking with barely a slap on the wrist?

An investigation from the New York Post from this summer found how Biden’s family had racked up a substantial number of arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, without getting any jail time. The Post’s investigation even back then predicted that Caroline Biden’s case would be unlikely to result in jail time.

“Her arrest, which was never made public, was at least the ninth among Joe Biden’s close family, and followed incidents involving his brother Frank, his son Hunter and his daughter Ashley,” the Post revealed. “The cases — ranging from felony theft to drug possession — were all either thrown out, or resulted in light sentences with no jail time, according to a Post review of public records and published reports.”

Caroline Biden was arrested back in August 20198 in the Lower Merion Township after she drove her car into a tree. Arresting officer Jeffrey Seamans said that Biden was driving without a license and even “had difficulty focusing on the conversation” when he was asking her questions.

Upon inspection, Biden’s car also contained bottles of lorazepam and carisoprodol, two drugs that are classified as controlled substances. Blood tests confirmed that both of the drugs were in his system at the time of the accident.

And if driving under the influence of drugs wasn’t bad enough, Biden’s rap sheet in New York is pretty shocking, having allegedly assaulted a New York Police Department officer and used stolen credit cards to make purchases up to the total value of $110,000.

What is it with the Bidens and committing crimes…and then getting away with them?