Michigan AG Claims Trump’s Election Integrity Efforts Imply “Black People Are Corrupt”

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Dana Nassel, the Democrat Attorney General for Michigan, made the inaccurate and offensive claim on Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s legal fight over the 2020 election suggests that “black people are corrupt” and “incompetent.” The statement appeared to be an attempt at getting Republicans to back down from the fight, or to signal to the public that lawsuits designed to ensure election integrity are racist.

Are the Democrats trying to hide something here?

The Detroit Free Press reported how Nessel said that the themes across the lawsuits are “black people are corrupt, black people are incompetent, and black people can’t be trusted.”

Which is not what a single lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign claims or suggests.

“That’s the narrative that is continuously espoused by the Trump campaign and their allies in these lawsuits,” she claimed without evidence.

Nessel focused on the lawsuits filed against Detroit, a city with a long history of electoral fraud and where the results are particularly contentious. The attorney general said that the president was focusing on the city because it has a large black population, and claimed without evidence that the president’s accusations of election misconduct are “demonstrably false.”

More than 100 witnesses have signed sworn affidavits so far to say that they witnessed wrongdoing and misconduct. This amounts to evidence that will be used in court, and which have been filed in a lawsuit in the federal court in the Western District of Michigan. The lawsuit will attempt to stop the certification of election results in the city and across the rest of the state, allowing for a full audit to take place to ensure that the vote was tallied correctly and illegal ballots were not counted.

The lawsuit makes no reference to the race of people who counted or cast the votes but explicitly says that they believe wrongdoing occurred.

Attorney General Dana Nassel has yet to present any evidence that the president believes black people are at fault for what appears to be misconduct during the election process.

Nassel also compared President Donald Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, which shockingly doesn’t even come as much of a surprise any more. Democrats like to do that fairly frequently.