MORE Clinton Emails To Be Released Before Election, Pompeo Moving “As Fast As We Can”

( United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo teased on Friday the possible release of even more emails that were kept on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server when she served under the Barack Obama administration.

Pompeo also said that his department is working as quickly as possible to get the emails released to the public, suggesting they could be made public before the November 3 election.

During Friday’s episode of “The Daily Briefing” on Fox News, Pompeo told Dana Perino that they are working “as fast as we can.”

“We’ve got the emails. We’re getting them out,” he said. “We are going to get all this information out so the American people can see it.”

Pompeo also reminded viewers that Clinton kept classified information on her private servers which should not have been there.

“Hillary Clinton should never have done that,” he said. “It was unacceptable behavior.”

Secretary of State Pompeo said that leaders should not put sensitive information on private servers that risks foreign agents from Russia, Iran, or China getting hold of it. Classified information, he said, should “stay in the right places” and that Secretary Clinton “did not do that.”

The story of Hillary Clinton’s emails emerged during the 2016 campaign. More than 60,000 emails sent and received on her private sever became a huge talking point not just because it was not an acceptable or safe practice, but because she only turned over roughly half of her emails to the State Department. Many of those emails have already been published, but the remaining tens of thousands of emails were purposely erased.

The emails were deemed “personal” or unrelated to government business and destroyed using complex technical processes that make them almost impossible to recover.

Pompeo and his team, however, have investigated the emails by looking for the receiving servers that were not scrubbed in the same way Clinton’s way.

During the Fox interview, Pompeo didn’t say specifically what emails were in his possession or which ones would be released, but said that he thinks there will be “more to see” before the election.

Speaking about President Trump’s time on office, he said that he has never seen the president put information at risk.

“I’ve been at this a long time with President Trump for four years now, almost,” he said. “I’ve never seen him do anything that would put any kind of asset, any kind of one of our officers in harm’s way. He wouldn’t do that.”

What do you think are in those emails?