Nashville Mayor In Hot Water For Laughing During TV Interview

( Democrat Mayor of Nashville John Cooper has drawn lots of criticism after appearing to laugh and chuckle during an interview following the tragic explosion in his city on Christmas morning. Mayor Cooper drew the attention of online critics who noted his apparent lack of compassion over the explosion during an interview with local television.

While discussing the work being done by investigators, Mayor Cooper said that they’re “gonna be super careful.”

“And they’re gonna inspect everything and make sure that, you know, this is the only explosion that’s gonna happen in Nashville today,” he added.

After making the comment, the 64-year-old mayor than appeared to let out some kind of laugh.

In fairness, it might have been an awkward laugh or a way of emotionally dealing with such a tragic situation, but it’s still bizarre. You can see it in the clip above, along with a comment from Twitter user Andy Swan who asked why he was laughing about a “massive bomb ripping through his downtown on Christmas.”

He wasn’t the only person who noticed, either.

One user described him as a “chuckling clown.”

Another suggested that it “seems like it’s nothing for him.”

Cooper did also praise the “incredible heroes who ran to danger with uncertain outcomes ahead of them” and said they were “responsible for so many injuries being saved.”

The motives of the individual responsible for the suicide bomb attack, which saw a parked RV explode in the street on Christmas day after a loudspeaker warned people to evacuate, remain unclear.

The suspect involved in the attack has been named as Anthony Quinn Warner, but investigations have so far only revealed a criminal record that includes a marijuana-related charge from all the way back in 1978.

Thankfully there have been no more follow-up explosions in the city or elsewhere, but perhaps Mayor Cooper has had some time to reflect on his tone…