Netflix Cancellations SKYROCKET By 800% Following Pedophilia “Cuties” Scandal

( According to data from New York analytics companies YipitData and Antenna, online TV streaming company Netflix has seen a massive increase in cancellations from customers after the “Cuties” scandal occurred earlier this year.

If you don’t remember the scandal, it came after the streaming service first published a promotional image for the film featuring underage girls in sexual poses and adult-themed outfits. After initially apologizing for the poster and changing it in the weeks running up to the release of the movie, Netflix went ahead with streaming the movie anyway. And the movie was much more inappropriate than the photograph.

The film depicted young teen and pre-teen girls performing sexual dances, with several shots zooming in on the private parts of the young girls. It prompted an international outrage and even calls from American legislators for Netflix officials to appear before a Senate committee to explain themselves for airing what could be described as child pornography.

The two New York data firms reported that Netflix saw a substantial decline in subscriptions after the scandal, with Antenna going as far as suggesting that the company saw a decline of subscriptions in the first couple of weeks of September of five times the number that came in during the entirety of August.

YipitData also said that cancellations in September were eight times the number of cancellations in August, showing what they called a “multi-year high.”

CNBC also reported how net subscriber additions for Netflix fell short of estimates from analysts last quarter, prompting the Vice President of Investor Relations at Netflix, Spencer Wang, telling shareholders not to fret or to focus too much on the number of subscribers the platform currently has.

“We just really don’t over-focus on any 90day period,” he reportedly said. “And just to give you an example, if the quarter was 48 hours longer, we would have come in slightly above our guidance forecast.”

Netflix also argued that the state of the pandemic has had an impact on sales, despite the fact that more people are stuck at home and unable to socialize in public. Doesn’t now seem like the perfect time for Netflix to capitalize on the pandemic?

Maybe they could have done if they didn’t air a film that sexualized children.