New York Sheriffs REFUSE To Enforce Cuomo’s Thanksgiving Lockdown

( On Tuesday, the New York Sheriff’s Association released a statement insisting that they would not enforce his new lockdown rules designed to stop people spending Thanksgiving with their families. The new rules require that no more than 10 people gather over the holidays, but sheriffs have not supported the plot and hit back at the hypocritical governor.

In the statement, the association commended the people of New York for taking steps without government direction to help slow the spread of the virus and voluntarily complying with guidance issued by the health department. They explained that, so far, “that approach seems to have worked” and that it has helped New York “achieve one of the lowest infection rates in the country – without having to apply heavy-handed law enforcement tactics.”

But the association made it clear that Cuomo’s latest executive order was unacceptable, and that it has “caused great consternation among many of our citizens, who envision armed officers arriving at their doors to count the number of people around the Thanksgiving table.”

Well, isn’t that what Cuomo wants?

“Many Sheriffs and other law enforcement leaders have felt compelled to allay those concerns by assuring citizens that officers will not be randomly coming to their homes on Thanksgiving Day to count the number of people inside,” they confirmed. “That would be neither practical nor Constitutional.”

Remember that little thing, the United States Constitution?

The statement said that sheriffs and other law enforcement officers have felt compelled to assure citizens that they won’t be enforcing the rule, but that Governor Cuomo responded to citizens’ concerns by dismissing them.

“We do not know if the Governor’s limit on home gatherings to ten individuals is the right number or not. That is a decision for science, not us, to make. We do know, however, that the Governor has attempted to foist upon local law enforcement an impossible task,” they added.

“How are officers to know, without violating citizens’ right to privacy and other Constitutional rights, how many people are in the home?” they continued.

It is welcome news for citizens across New York and comes just days after the governor backtracked on his plans to travel out of the city to meet other members of his family for Thanksgiving, including his 89-year-old mother.