October 2019: Biden Claimed China “Is Not Our Problem”

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- With the coronavirus pandemic impacting the lives of global populations, it is clearer than ever that China is no ally to the West. After suppressing reports about the virus at the end of 2019, the country allowed it to quickly spread across its country and beyond – proving many politicians wrong about the Communist Party of China.

Including Joe Biden.

Only last year, former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he once told President Barack Obama that “China is not our problem,” a claim that is likely to cause him trouble during his campaign to replace President Donald Trump in November.

Speaking in October 2019, Biden said, “I’ve met virtually every major world leader in the last 40 years – not hyperbole, fact.”

“We talked about China. I said China is not our problem. China is not our problem if we invest and remember who we are. Imagine the situation – I’ve spent more time with Xi Jinping than any world leader had before I left the vice presidency.”

Well, that hasn’t aged well. A clip unearthed by The Daily Caller shows Biden brushing off China as any kind of threat to the United States. It’s not as if it wasn’t already clear that the country’s unhygienic practices could pose a danger to the health of the world – China has repeatedly culled livestock after outbreaks of variations of influenza took hold in the country.

Biden also didn’t seem to recognize the economic impact that relying so heavily on China has. Since the outbreak, the United States has ramped up production of key medical supplies because China couldn’t keep delivering the equipment required.

Throughout his campaign, Biden has consistently dismissed the possibility of China posting a threat to the United States. Speaking to a voter just last year, The Daily Caller noted, Biden claimed that the communist country is “not competition for us” and even claimed, “they’re not bad folks.”

After this outbreak, plenty of voters are likely to disagree with Biden on this.