One Democratic Candidate Flip Flops On Her Thoughts About Illegal Immigration And Deportation

( – The border wars are certainly heating up in the Democratic party.

A day after the emergence of a clip saying she wanted “order at the border” and building a “fence,” candidate Amy Klobuchar said she believed former President Barack Obama and his administration “went way too far” with their policies regarding the deportation of illegal immigrants.

As Klobuchar said on the TV show Face the Nation, “I think that went way too far, yes, and I think you’ve seen a lot of that across our country. The question is what do we do going forward? To me, the very straightforward answer is comprehensive immigration reform.”

Even candidate Joe Biden, who was Obama’s vice president, said the Obama administration made “a big mistake” in regard to their immigration and deportation policy, and said they “took far too long to get it right.”

In the eight years he was in office, Obama and his administration were responsible for the deportation of 3 million illegal immigrants. Many of these people didn’t commit any other crimes, except, of course, for entering the United States illegally.

With President Donald Trump and the Republicans moving toward a stricter illegal immigration prevention and deportation policy, the Democrats seem to be moving further and further to the left on the issue. Not only have Biden and Klobuchar said Obama’s administration took deportation too far, but other candidates believe more significant immigration reform is in order.

In fact, Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have said they would support decriminalizing border entries that are currently illegal. This would certainly open the floodgates to droves of people who may currently not be entering America illegally for fear of breaking the law. They don’t want to start their time in this country on the wrong foot, so to speak.

It’s funny how being a candidate for president can change a person’s viewpoints, though. Back in 2006, during her first campaign for the Senate, Klobuchar made those above comments regarding illegal immigration and how she wanted to build a border fence to help prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country through Mexico.

Back then, she did say that she supported creating pathways for illegal immigrants who were already living in the United States to become full-fledged citizens. One of her requirements then, though, was that these people learn to speak English. That sentiment certainly wouldn’t fly with the Democratic party today, not in the ultra-liberal, far-left swing that they all seem to be a part of.

The fact that Klobuchar even made relatively conservative remarks regarding illegal immigration at one point in her past may come back to haunt her during this primary election. It’s not as if Klobuchar had a strong hold of the top spot in the race anyway, so another strike against her could end up being the ultimate death blow to her campaign.