Poll Finds Just 2% Of Voters Changed Mind Following First Presidential Debate

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- If you thought the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump was chaotic, then you’re in good company. It turns out that most of the United States were unimpressed by the performance of the candidate they do not support, with only 2% of voters having changed their mind.

A poll from CNBC and Change Research that was published on Thursday showed that a vast majority of viewers finished watching the debate without having changed their mind. It also seems to suggest that the United States is possibly more divided than ever, with voters opting for Donald Trump in the face of far-left tyranny, and others opting for Joe Biden based solely on the fact he isn’t Donald Trump.

When respondents were asked whether the debate had changed their mind, only two percent said no. The poll also found that 53% of voters believed that Joe Biden did a better job in the debate than President Donald Trump. Just 29% of viewers think that President Trump did a better job.

77% of respondents also said that the debate didn’t make them feel proud to be an American.

Possibly one of the reasons why people didn’t enjoy the debate so much was how much bickering and arguing was involved. While much of the blame was attributed to President Trump, even by moderator Chris Wallace, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden interrupted President Trump at least three times before the president started interrupting back.

Wallace first immense criticism following the debate, with accusations of bias against the president. Wallace repeatedly laughed along with the Democratic presidential nominee and didn’t stop him from interrupting Trump, while repeatedly shutting down any time Trump attempted to correct the record.

President Trump said he was “so disappointed in Fox” following the debate, adding, “I’m not just running against Joe Biden, I’m running against the corrupt far-left media socialists and communists in the Democrat Party.”