President Donald Trump Breaks A Gallup Poll Record. Here’s Which One.

( – President Donald Trump continues to break records.

According to the most recent Gallup survey, Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49% — the highest it’s been since he entered office back in 2017. But the big news from the poll is the record that Trump broke that was formerly held by his predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump’s approval ratings among Republicans is now 94%, while his approval ratings among Democrats is a lowly 7%. That makes for an 87-percentage-point gap between the two parties, besting Obama’s former record of 86 points.

This isn’t necessarily a great record to break, as any president would love to be liked by all Americans, regardless of their political party affiliation. But as the saying goes, you can’t please all people all the time.

Despite this huge gap in approval between the two parties, which signifies the truly partisan times we’re in, a majority of Americans did agree on one thing, according to the Gallup poll: They aren’t for the entire impeachment of Trump.

The majority of those polled said they didn’t approve of the Democrats’ efforts to impeach Trump and hopefully remove him from office. In fact, 52% said they believed Trump should be acquitted — which seems like an inevitability at this point — while 46% believe he should be convicted and subsequently removed from his office.

Approval ratings aren’t always a great indicator of how well a candidate will do in an upcoming election, whether he is an incumbent or not. They also aren’t always a great indicator for how the majority of the population thinks, since not every single person is polled. However, they do serve as a nice measuring stick for where popular opinion generally stands on an issue, person or election.

It’s highly expected that Trump will have next to no trouble winning the Republican nomination for president in his quest to win re-election in November. What’s more of a question is how Trump will do against his Democrat counterpart — whoever that might be.

Following the Democrats’ debacle in the Iowa caucuses, it’s actually anyone’s guess as to who the party’s representative will be — or even who its frontrunner is. Only 71% of precincts had reported results as of Wednesday morning in what is turning out to be quite the debacle for the Iowa Democratic Party and the entire party nationwide. It has caused quite the stir among Democrats and quite the laugh among others.

Gallup is certain to run more polls like this one as the primary elections get clearer and as the top two candidates for November’s General Election are finally picked. If Trump can continue to increase his approval ratings, then it’ll be even more likely that he wins re-election and re-claims his seat at the inauguration in January 2021.