REVEALED: Topics For First Presidential Debate Laid Out By Moderator

( The topics for the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden have been revealed by the Commission On Presidential Debates.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the commission said that the first debate will be held at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

“The format for the first debate calls for six 15-minute segments dedicated to topics announced in advance in order to encourage deep discussion of the leading issues facing our country,” the statement explains.

It means the Democrats will have plenty of time to help Joe Biden memorize his talking points, as it won’t be possible for him to read off a teleprompter like he usually does during interviews.

The statement also revealed that Chris Wallace, the Fox News anchor who will be the moderator for the debate, has selected topics to be discussed.

President Trump and Joe Biden will be discussing their respective records, the Supreme Court, the economy, COVID-10, the integrity of the election, as well as race and violence in American cities. The topics are “subject to possible changes because of news developments.”

The first debate will begin at 9 p.m. ET and will span over 90 minutes without commercials.

President Donald Trump was famously effective in his debates against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, and the Democrats may well have learned their lesson this time around. The question, however, is whether Joe Biden has the cognitive ability to take on the president on the issues without help from cue cards and staff who are usually close by.

After the first debate, President Trump and Joe Biden will then take part in a town-hall-style debate moderated by Steve Scully from C-SPAN on October 15. The topics for the debate are yet to be released for this.

The third and final debate – because the Biden campaign refused to engage in any more than three debates with President Trump – will be hosted by NBC and moderated by Kristen Welker. The final debate will take place on Oct 22 in Salt Lake City.