Secret Service: A Mission Is Underway To Make Sure Nothing Happens At Inauguration

(AmericanPoliticalDaily)- As the United States braces for the inauguration of who we’re told is the most popular presidential candidate in history (do you believe that?), the nation’s capital is in total shutdown and being monitored by tens of thousands of law enforcement officers and members of the National Guard.

According to the Secret Service, law enforcement agencies in Washington, D.C. have contingencies in place for any possibility of violence or unrest in the nation’s capital. They have embarked on what they call a “vital, no-fail mission” to ensure that Biden is inaugurated.

He sure sounds like a popular candidate…

Downtown Washington, D.C. is currently covered with law enforcement officers and security checkpoints, making the city look total unrecognizable.

Matt Miller, a special agent leading the Secret Service’s Washington Bureau, said that there is a “great deal of very concerning chatter” and that “it’s what you don’t know that we are preparing for.”

“I don’t know if anybody has raised their hand to say, ‘We are coming, we will be there,’ but we are preparing as if they are,” he said on Friday during a meeting of federal and state law enforcement officers.

It comes after a small contingent of pro-Trump supporters, Antifa activists, and a CNN reporter stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. While Democrats immediately pounced on President Donald Trump and blamed him for the violence, the FBI has since confirmed that the storming of the building was pre-organized by extremists on Twitter and other social media platforms, and occurred before the end of the president’s speech.

The Secret Service is, therefore, preparing for the worst and embarking on what appears to be the biggest security operation for any presidential inauguration ever.

“We cannot allow an occurrence of the chaos and illegal activity that the United States witnessed last week,” he said.

Miller’s comments sounded remarkably like the statements issued by the White House and high-profile Republicans, who have all roundly condemned the violence and called on protesters to remain as peaceful as possible.

Miller said that they are currently looking for “weapons, threats, or explosives” at security checkpoints throughout the city, with every vehicle passing through being searched.

Are you ready for the most depressing inauguration in history?