Senate Republicans, Democrats Re-Elect Same Leadership Teams As Majority Is Still Undecided

( The leaders of both parties in the Senate will retain their positions for the coming term.

On Tuesday, Senate Republicans unanimously re-elected Mitch McConnell as their party’s leader, while Democrats did the same for Chuck Schumer. Whether McConnell hangs onto his role as Majority Leader and Schumer as Minority Leader, or whether those roles will switch, has yet to be determined, though.

As of now, Republicans hold a 50-48 advantage over Democrats in the Senate. The two other seats — both from Georgia — will likely be determined in runoff elections that will be held in January.

The Republicans need to win one of those two runoff elections to hold onto the majority in the Senate. If the Democrats win them both, they would effectively take control. In that scenario, there would be a 50-50 tie between Republicans and Democrats. However, the tie-breaking vote would go to Vice President Kamala Harris, meaning Democrats could win whatever vote they wanted if no senators break ranks and cross the aisle.

Still, the Republicans in that Georgia runoff are both heavily favored, making it unlikely Democrats will be able to claim control.

Democrats thought they were primed to easily overtake Republicans to claim the majority of the upper chamber, which would’ve given them complete control of Congress as well as the White House. That didn’t happen, though, with Republicans winning many of the hotly-contested races. As of now, Democrats have only been able to flip one seat for their party.

Republicans, meanwhile, will be doing everything they can to retain the majority in the Senate. With Joe Biden in the White House and the Democrats retaining their control of the House of Representatives, it’s imperative for them to hang onto the Senate control — otherwise the liberals could push through whatever legislation they wanted with little to no fight.

McConnell, from Kentucky, has held the top position among Senate Republicans since 2007, serving as the Majority Leader since back in 2015. He just won re-election to his seat by 20 points over his challenger, Amy McGrath.

The other top positions in the Senate for Republicans are likely to retain their positions as well. Those will be made up of John Thune from South Dakota, Roy Blunt from Missouri, Joni Ernst from Iowa and John Barrasso from Wyoming. Florida’s Rick Scott will now head the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is the campaign arm of the party.

Schumer became the head of the Democratic caucus in 2017. He will be joined by the same leadership team in this Congress. That consists of Dick Durbin from Illinois, Debbie Stabenow from Michigan and Patty Murray from Washington.

Other leadership positions in the Democratic caucus will be occupied by Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada and Corey Booker from New Jersey.

The House won’t hold their elections for leadership positions until next week. It’s expected that Nancy Pelosi will retain her position as Speaker of the House for the Democrats, with Kevin McCarthy retaining his spot as Minority Leader for the Republicans