(Americanpoliticaldaily.com) – The Texas Republican Convention is set for mid-May. While the annual event is still a little more than three months away, it isn’t without controversy already.

The main reason for this is because the Republican Party in the state has denied a booth to the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that’s known for being pro-LGBT. The decision came down at a State Republican Executive Committee meeting recently, where the committee tabled the motion to give the group’s Houston chapter a booth at this year’s event.

Maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise, as the committee has done so consistently for more than 20 years. However, it is sparking continued debate and clashing between the more traditional conservative values among the Republican Party in Texas and a new wing of more liberal and/or libertarian members.

On the one side of the debate are LCR members, who say that the Republican Party in the state needs every voter it can get, and therefore shouldn’t be keeping anyone out. On the other side are people who believe the LCR holds beliefs that are not in line with tenets of the platform of the state’s Republican Party, which disqualified them from participating in the convention.

In response to being barred from the convention, Marco Roberts, the president of LCR Houston, said the following:

“Obviously, we are very disappointed with the decision made by our elected representatives. There were a few courageous members of the SREC who stood with us, even under enormous pressure to refrain from doing so. We owe them our highest respect and deepest gratitude. Many have told us that it is upon usto make the case for ourselves. We agree, and we intend to do that, for us, and for our great party.”

The issue at hand here is the official platform of the Texas GOP, which states that the party “affirm(s) God’s biblical design for marriage and sexual behavior between one biological man and one biological woman.” It also “oppose(s) homosexual marriage, regardless of state of origin.”

With that in mind, it’s not difficult to understand where the Executive Committee is coming from when it decided to bar the LCR from the convention — whether you believe in what they are saying or not. However, the argument LCR is making is that the only thing that requires adoption for participation in the convention is to be accepting of the 10 principles of the platform, none of which have anything to do with homosexuality.

Despite that argument, the Executive Committee remains unwavering in its views and intends to follow through on its promise to bar the Houston chapter of the LCR from its annual convention.

37 thoughts on “Texas GOP Barring One Of Its Own From Convention For Views On LGBT”

  1. Great ! I hope the Committee never wavers.
    Queers and trannies should never be mistreated; but neither should they be recognized as healthy and normal.
    These are very sick people being led and manipulated by very evil people on the left.


    2. True, Lets look at it this way (Gays, Lesbians, Perverts, Child Molesters, Transsexuals, Weird Sexuals ) all wrapped together only Equal 2.7% of our population, most of them are Liberal. Obama loved Transsexuals, used the deep state to pressure the Supreme Court to give him Gay Marriage, which is wrong by every definition in the World.

    3. I agree. How can we ask God to be with us and protect our country when we allow those whom he calls an abomination to Him to be recognized as legitimate. We need the Lord on our side!

  2. I no longerf tell people I meet in person that I was born in Texas since the idiots that were graciously alowed to move from the West Coast and other screwed up states to Texas. They came there hat in hand to get away from the filth, housing costs and taxes. But they didnt show us any appreciation they still vote the same way they did in their former states which provided government acts that caused their problems in the first place! As for the LGBT groups they have been welcome after all no individual can choose their “wiring” God does that but there is no need to advertise and promote the life style to very young children who havent as yet had any idea how they were born. Stop their flag waving and bull horn promotions. Straght people dont do that, we do love our country and suppot the stqars nd stripes no need to promote other flags !

    1. You are absolutely correct about west coast Dems screwing up TX! Until you have lived in CA, you have no concept of what it’s like to live in a third world country, illegals & homeless have more rights than law abiding taxpayers, TAXES, TAXES, TAXES, feces, urine & needles on sidewalks and parks, crime goes unpunished in any way, sanctuary state & cities, on sidewalks, on & on & on. We wake up to this every single day.

      1. But you all voted Demons in over and over. If you did not then you should fit in well in Texas as a conservative. If not you crapped in your own nest until the crap pushed you out and then you want to come to a nice new clean nest and still crap it up!

    2. Obama Liberals, think that indoctrinating our children to Islam and telling them its better to be a Muslim than a Christian or Jew through Obama’s *Common Core Program* which goes farther with teaching our Children its ok to change ones SEX at the age of 7 Years Old or younger, that they are Hero’s if they come out as a Transsexuals’. The Holy Bible has been Banned from our Public Schools due to “Separation of Church and State” but Liberals are forcing out children to read the Holy Quran and recite the 5 Pillars of Islam and write papers on the conversion of a Christian to a Islamic Muslim. *So, this makes Islam the Official Religion of the Democrat Party* Since there is no Separation of Church and State when it comes to Islam! Even, Nancy Pelosi has change the Dress Code of the House of Representatives due to Islam, and she has allowed a Islamic Iman to lead the House in prayer. George Soros has already bought the Liberals, since they all have joined Georges *Open Borders Society* take a real good look at the European Union’s Version of Open Borders which George Brought them! By, Taking the Holy Bible out of our School systems and Liberals casting Christian Beliefs aside, Children will never learn Morals, which Liberals want. Their Idea of relation ships is having sex with anyone, everyone living the best life!

  3. If the Democrat Party were not so Evil I would not vote for a Republican but I made that same mistake when Bill Clinton ran. “Read my Lips”. America does not need to destroy itself by voting Democrat.

  4. They don’t belong! Nobody else pushed their sickness on other. So why should Republican be letting them in? Bible tell us they will NOT BE IN PARADISE! So they should believe that they are man as man and woman as woman. God created them in their mother wombs! Satan twisted their mind!

  5. While I agree that marriage is between one man and one woman, I don’t believe censure of their beliefs is the right way to approach handling this controversial issue. For some reason, God only knows I do not believe surpressing their beliefs is the manner in which God wants us to deal with this issue. We need to pray God changes their feelings on this matter while encouraging a change of their thinking on this issue by enlightening them on their position out of a position of love. Also, we do need to resist any effort on their part to force their thoughts on this matter through pressure, Otherwise, live and let live, without criticism.

    1. Sexual identification is all in one’s mind. He/She decides what they will be. Nobody forces them to be anything other than their desires.
      God knows His own from before the beginning of the world and leads them in the “paths of righteousness” to their moment of salvation.
      Those that are ignorant of sexual identity, choose their ignorance. They have multiple “teachers”– the same-sex parent, friends that are same sex and hetero-sexual behaving children. I feel most of our problems with the sexual identification has begun with single parenting mothers and mothers without fathers inputs into the small child’s up-bringing. This is where the child learns its roles, role-dynamics and other identifications. Without both parents, during childhood, the child does not learn his/her behavioral expectations. Since a lot of the children of today have not both parents, theirs is not the privilege to understand the meaning of love in its truest form or meaning—between two loving parents.

    2. While I agree with you on marriage, we must remember that the political parties are what appoint people to Congress, oops select candidates for Congress. So the question arises, do we really all political parties representing immorality and insanity?

      1. CORRECTION: While I agree with you on marriage, we must remember that the political parties are what select candidates for Congress. So the question arises, do we really want all political parties representing immorality and insanity? Could we want a party representing traditional moral values?

    3. While you feel like this do you not see the insidious plans of the LGBTP agenda? It must be rooted out into the light and soundly condemned! Their goal is to pervert our youth up to and including normalizing pedophilia as a normal sexual choice. This is an evil from hell creeping across our country and must be called out of every church, library, school and no government condoning or promotion

    4. Robert, the last line is the best way to put it. Live and let live. I am in no position to tell someone how to live (my offspring being the exception while they are children and under my care) as I would not want anyone else to tell me to live by the way they think I should live my life.
      I am of the belief (backed by science) that there are only 2 genders. There is a difference between gender and sexuality. A person’s sexuality should not be used as their identifier. What they decide to do with their life is their choice. But that should not be used to change how they are referred to in terms of gender.

  6. I believe anybody’s sexual orientation has not anything to do with their political orientation. As far as I’m concered what is their orientation in their bed room (between 2 consenting adults where no body gets hurt) is their personal/ private business. It is irelevant.

  7. God made male & female in his own image. Look in the mirror while you are undressed & what you see is what you are. If you can’t understand that you need a shrink and are allowing people who are helping you to feel this way are full of the devil. God’s law rules & if you don’t follow common sense you will suffer the consequences. You will end up committing sucicide, end up in jail, or on the streets, a homeless person or a living hell. That will be your CONSEQUENCES.

    1. If he made BOTH man and woman in his image, does that not make him a hermaphrodite? How can you make 2 completely different genders in your own image?

  8. Homosexuality is obviously wrong! Those who practice it say they want to love who they want but they are LYING!!! It’s all about PERVERSE SEX that they get a kick out of!!! It has nothing to do with LOVE!!! It’s right there in the word “homoSEXuality”!!! You can love everyone in the world without having sex with any of them!!! I LOVE my Father but It would appall me to even think of having sex with him, or any of my male friends!!! And those who claim they are trapped in someone else’s body (like; I’m a man trapped in a woman’s body) are just a plain crazy and need to be institutionalized unless they can come to grips with reality!!! And we as a society need to stop feeding their delusion by making laws that normalize/accept demented behavior!!!

    1. By that logic, your sexuality is about SEXuality. Whether it is hetero or homo, it is all about sexuality, which means your preference for who you want to have sex with. All that means is who you are attracted to.

  9. Let the decision of the Committee stand! It is the Committee’s duty not to tarnish the Party’s principles! To allow those who uphold homosexuality into the Party’s platform of beliefs is akin to allowing an avowed socialist or communist into the GOP family. Let’s not adulterate the GOP Party. Let them decide for themselves whether the GOP is disfranchising them or whether they are disfranchising themselves from the Party by the stand they are taking.

    1. By that logic, your sexuality is about SEXuality. Whether it is hetero or homo, it is all about sexuality, which means your preference for who you want to have sex with. All that means is who you are attracted to.

    2. Joe,
      How is turning away from a conservative because of their view on sexuality any different from a liberal turning their back on someone who is pro life? Humans are complex creatures, they can believe in multiple things. People are never going to agree on every single subject. The ability to accept differences and share common ground are the basis of humanity. Frankly speaking, you should not judge anyone unless you want to be judged. And no matter what religion you subscribe to, the only one who can truly judge is your creator. That judgement comes after you have left this earth and you shall be judged based on how you treated your fellow human.

  10. I agree with people that have written. I understand what is going on wwitht he libs going to Texas and destrying it. The same thing is happening in Florida, mainly at the I-4 corridor. We almost had a DEM gov who belongs in jail. Luckily GOD put Ron DeSantis in and he is doing great.
    My church denomination is going through the same thing…United Methodist. Our solution that has been in planning stages for years now, is to let the LBGT people who are trying to destroy the church that stands on the ENTIRE BIBLE, let them TAKE the now hurt name and we move on. The sinners are welcome but can’t be in charge when they say its right, when the BIBLE clearly shows elsewhere. I think by the end of May those of us who believe in the divinity of GOD will take our buildings and land and leave for a NEW denomination, just like the REP party with TRUMP has transformed to what GOD wants for America, with a few holdouts.

    I pray we take back the House, retain the Senate with our dear president in for 4 more years, as he is transforming America the way it started with our founders. GOD put him in and if we pray to GOD to forgive our own sins, then HE will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land…. 11 Chronicles 7:14. I pray the DEM party which is totally corrupt just implodes completely. GOD bless America. GOD bless TRUMP.

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