The Most Dangerous Man In Canada Is Not Who You Might Think

( – Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada. He has been in that role since 2015 and has been the leader in the Canadian Liberal Party since two years before that, in 2013.

Now, some are calling him “the most dangerous man in Canadian political history.”

The reason is because of a report that is recommending that the country’s government regulate and register all providers of internet media content. Janet Yale was asked to advise the Liberal government on how to overhaul what they termed as Canada’s “outdated” laws regarding broadcasting. The report, which was released on behalf of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review, recommended some changes that many critics are calling way too much.

In part, the report recommended expanding the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on a massive scale, and renaming it the Canadians Communications Commission. A simple name change isn’t all the report recommended, though.

One of the “key” recommendations was extending licenses that are granted to all television and radio stations to all content they produce, as well as stricter compliance.

Former members of the CRTC are among the toughest critics of the report, including Peter Menzies, the former vice chair of telecommunications. In a letter to the Globe and Mail, he wrote the panel, “advocated for a sweeping series of interventions that would make all online media — from online sites such as Rabble to Rebel News and in any language — subject to government regulation.”

Timothy Denton, the former commissioner of the CRTC, wrote an op-ed piece in the Financial Post, saying the report advocated for ” an unprecedented power grab for the federal government and the CRTC,” aimed, “at nothing less than a statist counter-revolution against the internet.”

As if the report’s recommendations weren’t scary enough, Steven Guilbault, the Heritage Minister, seemed to back the idea at first — only to reverse his position the day after. Initially, he told CTV News that, “If you’re a distributor of content in Canada … we would ask that they have a license, yes.” Following immediate backlash, though, both Guilbault and Trudeau both said they wouldn’t look to license or regulate internet news.

Still, the report’s recommendations are quite concerning, as it seems to be hard to interpret them any way other than the Liberal government is looking to put a stop to free speech in Canada.

Jack Fonseca, the director of political operations for Campaign Life Coalition, the country’s pro-family, pro-life lobbyist group, said people shouldn’t take the report lightly, nor truly believe what Trudeau is saying.

“We need to take Trudeau at his word and not just laugh at him as if he’s some kind of joke. He was deadly serious. A basic dictatorship is what he admires.”

Moreover, the fact that the Liberals may “create a ‘media registry’ and start licensing internet and social media-based news outlets is the latest in a string of warning signs that Justin Trudeau is the most dangerous man in Canadian political history.”