(Americanpoliticaldaily.com) – Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada. He has been in that role since 2015 and has been the leader in the Canadian Liberal Party since two years before that, in 2013.

Now, some are calling him “the most dangerous man in Canadian political history.”

The reason is because of a report that is recommending that the country’s government regulate and register all providers of internet media content. Janet Yale was asked to advise the Liberal government on how to overhaul what they termed as Canada’s “outdated” laws regarding broadcasting. The report, which was released on behalf of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review, recommended some changes that many critics are calling way too much.

In part, the report recommended expanding the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on a massive scale, and renaming it the Canadians Communications Commission. A simple name change isn’t all the report recommended, though.

One of the “key” recommendations was extending licenses that are granted to all television and radio stations to all content they produce, as well as stricter compliance.

Former members of the CRTC are among the toughest critics of the report, including Peter Menzies, the former vice chair of telecommunications. In a letter to the Globe and Mail, he wrote the panel, “advocated for a sweeping series of interventions that would make all online media — from online sites such as Rabble to Rebel News and in any language — subject to government regulation.”

Timothy Denton, the former commissioner of the CRTC, wrote an op-ed piece in the Financial Post, saying the report advocated for ” an unprecedented power grab for the federal government and the CRTC,” aimed, “at nothing less than a statist counter-revolution against the internet.”

As if the report’s recommendations weren’t scary enough, Steven Guilbault, the Heritage Minister, seemed to back the idea at first — only to reverse his position the day after. Initially, he told CTV News that, “If you’re a distributor of content in Canada … we would ask that they have a license, yes.” Following immediate backlash, though, both Guilbault and Trudeau both said they wouldn’t look to license or regulate internet news.

Still, the report’s recommendations are quite concerning, as it seems to be hard to interpret them any way other than the Liberal government is looking to put a stop to free speech in Canada.

Jack Fonseca, the director of political operations for Campaign Life Coalition, the country’s pro-family, pro-life lobbyist group, said people shouldn’t take the report lightly, nor truly believe what Trudeau is saying.

“We need to take Trudeau at his word and not just laugh at him as if he’s some kind of joke. He was deadly serious. A basic dictatorship is what he admires.”

Moreover, the fact that the Liberals may “create a ‘media registry’ and start licensing internet and social media-based news outlets is the latest in a string of warning signs that Justin Trudeau is the most dangerous man in Canadian political history.”

17 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Man In Canada Is Not Who You Might Think”

    1. I agree. It is funny even people who escaped communism are voting for stupid trudeau. I did not like his father? the old trudeau, so I never voted for him when I was living in Canada, But I noticed there were a lot of idiots especially in the universities who were communists. I remember I argued with my philosophy prof for some 4 or 5 months about the pros and cons of communism. At the end I gave up and told him to pack his backpack with 2 change of underware and go live in the russian countryside. See how he likes it without dollars in his pocket. They are incredibly stupid. Like trudeau.

  1. There is definitely something in the genes. With Pierre Elliot and Margaret, you got a problem with this guy! He really does not have it altogether but there you go…. Canadians elected him, not once, but twice. They are supposed to be an educated country. What happened?

  2. Caution! Having deleted the “Tele” from the name, it only takes a minor change to include snail mail, newspapers, magazines and any speech whatever. We are awake up to you, Trudeau

  3. Well, I believe it’s going to get worse, before it gets better. The only standing between America & a dictatorship, is President Trump. Which is why the Dimocrats hate him so much. When Obama was running for his 2nd election, the Republican leaders decided Mitt Romney was the perfect candidate. Yeah, right! And we see where HE stands! By him voting to impeach our President, shows exactly what kind of leadership we would have gotten from him. China would be running over us, & North Korea would’ve scared Romney to death. I voted for him for President, sadly, but was actually voting AGAINST Obama. Then after Romney lost, one of his sons came right out & said, ‘Well, he didn’t REALLY want to win!’ I also believe that GOD allowed Mr. Trump to win the election to give America one last chance to get things right. When Mr. Trump’s time in office is over, this country will go to hell in a handbasket , as fast as the Dimocrats can carry us. We need to PRAY first, then VOTE, & STAND against whatever the liberals want. And, we need to pray for God’s protection for Pres Trump, so that no idiot can take him out. How he’s still standing, after all the Dims have thrown at him, is beyond me! Well actually, WHY is more like it. He obviously loves this country, & is taking on all of the garbage the liberals are throwing at him. I just hope they aren’t able to accomplish their goal, which is to destroy him one way or another. Stand up & be counted!!

  4. Not only is Trudeau a dangerous idiot, but he also doesn’t have any respect for honesty or integrity. He was running a total scam / cover-up for SNC Lavalin, a company with a long record of getting political government kickbacks which was doing business in the gas and oil industry in Libya while Trudeau was creating formidable hurdles for the same industry in his own country. The woman who wouldn’t abide his dishonesty, Jodi Wilson-Raybould, was booted from his cabinet for exposing the illegal proceedings and questioning his ‘integrity’… It no longer counted that she was a ‘woman’ (he wanted women in his Cabinet, not a negative thing, but he only wanted to appear like a ‘feminist’–a popularity ploy. Clearly gender is not the basis upon which choices for Cabinet members should be made: Male or Female.) She was followed by Cabinet minister Jane Philpott who also could not look past the graft and corruption.
    Unbelievably the people of Canada voted him in for a second term as Prime Minister… but believe me the West clearly was not where the votes came from.
    He should have been charged in court for his under the table dealings with SNC Lavalin, and if anyone should be impeached, it is him. Americans have been talked into a frenzy by the Democrats and the press with President Trump… The were counting on the people’s naivety about intelligence routinely done by the CIA and NSA domestically along with running continuous encryption decoders on the rest of the world’s affairs. It’s hardly as if a simple question of looking into a political opponent and his family is worthy of impeachment!! And did not the Ukraine get the funding they were seeking….? Moreover, has there ever been a politician who has not investigated their political opponents? If the US wants a real crook he’s on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada! Meanwhile, Canadians are oblivious to his machinations and under the table dealings. Instead we look to the US for our scandals. It takes the heat off of us looking in the mirror… But we need to realize we have our own home-grown crook right here–a dangerous narcissist with an agenda of power.

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