Trump Blasts Media Impeachment Coverage As BULLSH*T

( – President Donald Trump has already demonstrated his willingness to use bad language when absolutely justified. And, the impeachment definitely seems to be one of those instances.

In his first press conference after the Senate voted to acquit the president of all charges following the impeachment trial, Trump focused his aim at Republican Senator Mitt Romney who voted to remove him from office, and the Democrats.

Referencing the impeachment charges against him, Trump said the media coverage was “bullshit.”

The president referenced his great relief that the proceedings were finally over and that he could continue his work as president without the distraction. However, he also expressed his belief that the proceedings were corrupt and represented an attempt by the Democrats to undermine his presidency. It was, in the end, an attempt at removing a president that the American people voted for in 2016.

Trump’s overarching message throughout the conference was that the media and the Democrats had treated him unfairly, but that he won against all odds.

Speaking in the conference, the president said:

“Every paper is the same. Does anybody have those papers does anybody have them? They are like that. So I appreciate that. But some of the people here have been incredible warriors.”

He went on:

“They are warriors. There’s nothing from a legal standpoint – this is a political thing. Every time I say, ‘This is unfair, let’s go to court,’ they say, ‘Sir, you can’t go to court, this is politics.’ And we were treated unbelievably unfairly, you have to understand, we first went through ‘Russia, Russia, Russia.’ It was all bullshit.’

Trump’s speech came after he appeared at the National Prayer Breakfast, an event attended by Democrats – including Nancy Pelosi. During the Prayer Breakfast speech, Trump criticized Pelosi to her face and proudly displayed newspapers showing headlines that read “Acquitted.”

After the Russia hoax failed, Hunter Biden’s Ukraine involvement diverted and focused on Trump, and then the president’s acquittal in the Senate, we’ll see what the Democrats do next. With the very real possibility of a communist becoming their presidential nominee, they’ll have to pull something big out of the hat.