Trump Buys ALL Youtube Ads For Election Day

( – It doesn’t matter how much advertising Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg buys for the primaries, because the fact remains that he does not know if he’ll be up against President Donald Trump in November.

President Trump, however, knows he will be the Republican candidate and for that reason, he can get a head start buying up ad space for the election. And buy ad space he did!

The YouTube homepage, in the days running up to the election and even on the day of the election, will be completely overrun with Keep America Great campaign material.

Honestly, the most surprising thing about the news is that Google is even allowing Trump to purchase ad space!

Ironically, Bloomberg reported on Thursday that YouTube’s masthead ad space is completely booked up for early November, in a move designed to remind people the election is taking place, win over swing voters, and get some Democrats on board last minute.

Trump has done this before. Unlike Bloomberg, who has spent hundreds of millions on ads that still haven’t made him a frontrunner, the president was more effectively able to spend his campaign dollars. Ad space like this can cost around $1 million per day, making it highly sought-after. In the 2019 elections, the Trump campaign spent between $500,000 and $1 million on similar ad space, but this time they appear to be spending significantly more.

YouTube has known large spends on ads like this were coming, particularly with the primary contests taking place, and introduced the “Instant Reserve” tool for big campaigns back in October 2019. The tool allows buyers to reserve ad space for specific days in given regions. Bloomberg is no stranger to Instant Reserve, but Trump’s tactical advantage of knowing he’s definitely running in November means the Republicans own this hugely important online space in some of the most crucial campaigning days.

If Bloomberg becomes the Democratic nominee, then he’ll no doubt match the spending (or spend significantly more) than the Trump campaign in an effort to reverse Republican efforts. The billionaire former Mayor of New York City has already burned through half a million dollars on his campaign, and is showing no signs of cutting back on that spending.

2020 could be a very interesting race indeed.